• Here’s What You’ll Need to Build a Treehouse

    If your children love the outdoors, they’ll be blown away when they see a finished treehouse in their very own backyard. The finished product has to be as safe, sturdy, and secure as possible, and you’ll need the right tools and equipment to build the platform, walls, and roof of the house. Read ahead and see what you’ll need to build a treehouse.

    You’re going to be working with a whole lot of wood when you make your treehouse, so tools like saws and drills will be a big part of your arsenal. You’ll need the right drill bit to pre-drill holes for the coach screws. Before anything is permanently connected, use safety ropes to hang the planks in place. Even after the planks are screwed into place, don’t put any weight on the platform until you’ve added support beams. Unless your tree is perfectly even, you’ll cut your support beams at different lengths.

    You could build your walls up on top of the existing platform, but it’s usually easier to put them together on the ground. Then you can connect each finished wall and begin to piece the treehouse together. In this case you’ll also need safety ropes to support the weight of each wall. Like the platform, walls will require beams and screws. In contrast to the floor of the treehouse, the walls require the use of a power drill.

    Double check the platform and the walls of your treehouse before moving onto the roof. The construction of your roof depends on its design, and attention to detail is just as important. The angles might be a little bit different here, so use precision tools and ask for a second opinion while putting the roof together.

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  • How to Care for Your Lawn During the Summer Months

    Lawn Care San Jose

    The summer season is still going strong and now is the perfect time to enjoy your lawn and yard with your family and friends. To get the most out of your lawn this summer, it is a great idea to use a lawn mower to trim your lawn on a routine basis. A company offering equipment for rent in San Jose can help you pick out the perfect lawn mower for your lawn care needs. If you are wondering how to keep your grass lush and green during the summer, read on for some handy seasonal lawn care tips.

    Water Regularly
    One of the essential steps of summer lawn care maintenance is to water your lawn on a routine basis. In order to keep your lawn healthy during the hot summer season, you will need to provide your grass with a minimum of one inch of water every week. If your lawn receives less than an inch of water, it may begin to dry out.

    Mow Carefully
    Along with regular watering, it is important to keep your lawn healthy with routine watering. By contacting a company offering equipment rental near you, you should be able to pick out a mower that is perfectly suited for your lawn care needs. Depending on the species of your grass, you should keep your blades trimmed to about three inches.

    Fertilize Wisely
    Proper fertilization is the final step of summer lawn care. The best time to fertilize your lawn is at the very beginning of the summer months. Fertilizing during the peak of summer could make your lawn more vulnerable to heat and sun damage.

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  • Choosing the Perfect Barbeque

    On temperate California evenings, a barbeque is a host’s finest tool. If you don’t barbeque often, you may consider rental equipment in San Jose for your next grilling occasion.

    Your first choice is between fuel sources. Coal, gas, and electricity are your options. Customizability is the benefit of coal; different types of briquettes and lump charcoals offer distinct flavors, but they require some time to heat thoroughly before you can start grilling. Electric burners are cleaner and safe for indoors, but many find a lack of fire undesirable in a social barbeque setting. Using gas gives you complete control of the flame, which you can turn on or off at any time.

    Consider your space. Large, smoke-billowing charcoal barbeques can be ideal in large yards, but small gas grills are less obtrusive in tightly packed communities. Many apartments ban all non-electric grills. Also think about features. Built-in thermometers, weatherproofed exteriors, protective covers, cooking racks, rotisserie attachments, and smoke boxes—which grillers fill with wood chips for smoky flavor infusions—are only a few of the myriad options available.

    If you are interested in renting or buying new or used equipment for your next barbeque , visit one of A Tool Shed’s seven California locations, or call us at 1(877) 890-2963.

  • How to Extend Your Outdoor Living Space

    One of the benefits of living in Northern California is the mild climate that allows you to enjoy your home’s outdoor space almost year-round. While people who live further south are sweating in July humidity, Northern Californians enjoy warm mild breezes. While people in the Midwest are shivering in February chills, Northern Californians enjoy dining al fresco with only light sweaters for warmth. To make the most of your outdoor space, find the following equipment for rent in San Jose :

    Barbecue Grills

    To transform your everyday patio into a beautiful outdoor kitchen , a grill is essential. If you only host a barbecue once or twice a year, it is more cost effective to rent a grill rather than buy one as new equipment. Though many barbecue purists insist that charcoal provides a unique flavor, a propane grill is more convenient and will cook food that is just as delicious.

    Tables and Chairs

    When hosting large outdoor gatherings, it can be a challenge to seat everyone at a proper table. If you have a smaller space and do not wish to purchase a permanent patio dining set, you can rent tables and chairs for your parties. This ensures that all of your friends and family will have a comfortable place to sit and eat, and the day after your event you can simply return the table and chairs along with any other rental equipment.

    Portable Generators

    If you plan to have large speakers or lights at your outdoor event, you should consider renting a portable generator. If your property is large, this will be much more convenient than running dozens of yards of extension cords across your lawn to connect to your house’s power grid. Also, you can avoid overloading your home grid by powering all your outdoor entertainment tools separately.

    You can rent all the above items, and more, from A Tool Shed . Whether you need a propane grill or a jackhammer, contact us today to inquire about the new and used tools we have available. Visit our site or call us at (877) 890-2963 for more information.