• Equipment Rentals in Campbell, Hollister, Watsonville

    For over 60 years, the friendly professionals here at A Tool Shed Equipment Rentals have been assisting clients in the Northern California region with household and commercial renovation projects. We are proud to offer six convenient locations in Southern California, including stores in Campbell, Hollister, and Watsonville. As soon as you set foot in any one of these three locations, you can be sure that you will receive nothing but the highest quality customer service.

    As you will see in this video, our Campbell, Hollister, and Watsonville locations are a great place to rent large earthmoving equipment such as excavators and trenches. We also cater to smaller scale projects like hardwood floor installation and moving homes using a dolly.

    If you are in need of rental tools or equipment to complete a project, then come visit any A Tool Shed Equipment Rentals location. To learn more about our services, or to find the equipment rental store nearest you, call (831) 359-4769 today!

  • How to Use a Weed Wacker

    If you’re looking for a simple yet effective method for keeping your lawn free from weeds this summer, then stop into your nearest San Jose equipment rental store to rent a weed wacker. This basic tool is easy to use and can get the job done quickly. To begin eliminating weeds with your weed wacker, move the tool side to side so that the weeds are cut down to an even level. Be sure to only cut the weeds to two inches at the very least, as cutting down to the ground will disturb the appearance of your lawn and can damage the tool. 

    weed eater

    The team here at A Tool Shed Equipment Rentals recommends that you stop using your weed wacker if you begin to feel any strain in your arms. For those using this device from our tool rental company for the first time, the act of actually cutting down those weeds can be physically demanding. To learn more about how our equipment rentals can help you eliminate weeds, call (831) 359-4769. You can also browse our selection of rental equipment by visiting our website. 

  • Summer Lawn Care Basics

    From scorching temperatures to drought, there are a number of weather-related factors that can cause your beautiful spring lawn to take on a sad appearance come summertime. Fortunately, there are certain steps that you can take with help from your equipment rental company in order to ensure that your grass stays green the whole season through. Here are some summer lawn care basics from your friends at A Tool Shed Equipment Rentals.

    Peaceful Green Garden

    Adjust Your Lawn Mower Blades

    Since taller lawns are more tolerant to drought, be sure to adjust the settings on the lawn mower you’ve rented from your San Jose tool rentals store. Warm season grasses should be trimmed to approximately two to three inches while cool season grass should be mowed around three to four inches in the summer.

    Keep Fertilizer to a Minimum

    Another summer lawn care tip to follow is to go easy on the fertilizer. In fact, some lawn care experts recommend that you refrain from fertilizing your summer lawn about one month prior to summer’s arrival in order to prevent damage to your grass.

    Water Grass in Moderation

    When and how you water your grass during the summer has a huge effect on whether it will survive until the fall. Before cutting grass in the mornings, water the lawn at least once inch. Doing this once per week in the early morning will keep your lawn from becoming brown during the summer.

    Make Lawns Unwelcoming to Insects

    If you’re like most San Jose residents, then the arrival of mosquitoes and other insects is one of the least welcome sights during the summer season. You can keep your lawn free from these pests by using grub control and—in the worst case scenarios—insecticide.

    You can find all of the equipment rentals you need to maintain your summer lawn here at A Tool Shed Equipment Rentals. We carry motorized sod cutters and a variety of lawn mowers that will assist you with any lawn care tasks. Find out more about our rental equipment by calling (831) 359-4769.

  • How to Get the Most Out of Your Barbecue Party

    The summer months provide the perfect setting for an outdoor barbecue with friends and family. If you’re getting ready to throw a pool party or a backyard soiree, then be sure to book your grill well in advance with your San Jose equipment rental company in order to ensure availability. Here are some of our best tips on how to get the most out of your barbecue party:

    Tailgating: Woman Grilling Bratwurst for Party

    Plan the Menu in Advance

    In order to make sure that your food is a big hit amongst party-goers, plan the menu one to two weeks in advance. This will give you plenty of time to determine how large of a grill to rent from your San Jose equipment rental company to accommodate your meats and veggies. Don’t be afraid to ask guests to bring drinks or appetizers to enhance the menu and reduce your costs.

    Provide Entertainment and Activities

    There are a number of fun outdoor games that you can play with guests at your barbecue party . Some of the most popular these days include croquet, corn hole, and bocce ball. If you have a pool, you can also encourage attendees to play a game of water volleyball or good, old-fashioned Marco Polo while they wait for the grill to heat up. To set the mood, play some upbeat music that’s appropriate for guests of all ages.

    Stock Up on Grilling Essentials

    From coals to foil, there are some basic grilling essentials that you need to have on hand in order to ensure a successful barbecue. The most important piece of equipment to have prepared and ready to go is the grill itself, which you can acquire from your San Jose tool rental and equipment rental company. Be sure to use clean tools while barbecuing to reduce the risk of spreading any germs.

    If you’re lacking the most important component necessary for a barbecue—a barbecue grill—then come visit A Tool Shed Equipment Rentals . We carry a number of grills that are sure to meet your needs. Call (831) 359-4769 or visit any one of our six locations to learn more about the equipment and services we offer.