• The Steps of Using a Power Planer

    A power planer is a great piece of equipment to consider when you are choosing tools for rent in San Jose. For example, this tool rental can be used to shave doorways that are not fitting properly, and can also be used to remove paint, stains, and other substances. To get the most out of your power planer, you should be sure to set your planer at the right depth. With the depth at the right setting, you will be ready to start using the planer. For a closer look at using your rental equipment, check out this video from essortment.

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  • Advice for Using Your Generator

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    Before you seek out an equipment rental service, it is important that you understand how to use the tool you need properly. Certain tools and equipment can be dangerous when used improperly, so find out how to operate them beforehand. Here is some helpful advice for using your generator.

    Safe Installation
    Even if you think you can figure it out yourself, it is always a better idea to install your generator with the help of an operating manual. Look into local building codes to get an idea of where you can safely install your generator without increasing your risk for electrocution, carbon monoxide exposure, and other hazards. If you are going to connect your generator directly to your home’s electrical system, you will need an isolation device. A qualified electrician can help to ensure that you safely and successfully install your isolation device and your generator.

    Proper Use
    Just like it is important to follow an operating manual while you install your generator, it helps to consult your manual when using it as well. Your generator should never be installed within or near your home. Instead, install your generator far away from vents, windows, and any other openings that may allow carbon monoxide into the home. Gazebos, sheds, and garages are inappropriate places for your generator because they prevent the ventilation of carbon monoxide. Be sure to equip your home and property with carbon monoxide detectors in order to protect yourself from the dangers of this deadly gas.

    Understanding Warning Signs
    If you install and use your generator properly, carbon monoxide should not be a concern. However, it helps to understand the warning signs. Leave the area immediately if you experience nausea, dizziness, or headaches while operating your generator. Seek fresh air and call for medical assistance immediately.

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  • Using a Handheld Router

    Rounded edges are popular in more natural and freely flowing designs, and a handheld router is a great tool for the job. Watch this video clip to learn about the process of using a handheld router.

    The first step is to mount your bit. While bits come in different sizes and depths, the shank must match the router. If your router uses a spindle stop system, you can compress the spindle stop and tighten the bit to a snug fit. Then you can set the depth of the cut, lock it securely in place, and use your guide bearing to move along the edge.

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  • How to Choose a Drill Bit

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    Drills are versatile tools that can be used on a variety of different materials. You can also change your drill bit to make it more appropriate for a given situation. Read on if you would like to find out how to choose a drill bit.

    The bit you should choose depends on the task at hand. The twist bit is one of the most common types of drill bits, and its design allows you to remove waste while you work. It is important to remember that this bit is typically meant for slowly drilling through metal. If your project requires you to drill through wooden structures instead, consider a spade bit. A spade bit is also known as a paddle bit, and it is a great choice for setting up wires and pipes due to the large holes it can bore in a wooden structure.

    For further help in choosing a drill bit, please call A Tool Shed at (877) 890-2963. We are proud to specialize in San Jose tool rental, and we offer everything from lawn mowers to car tools. Feel free to visit our website for more information about our equipment rentals today.

  • Guidelines for Using Your Lawn Equipment

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    The right rental equipment can allow you to enjoy a vibrant green yard that brightens up the block. It helps to understand how to operate this equipment properly so that you can preserve your own safety and make the most of your lawn. Read on for a few guidelines for using your lawn equipment.

    Use with Caution
    Lawn maintenance typically involves cutting, trimming, and shearing your landscaping. The tools you use for these tasks can be very effective, but improper or careless use can quickly lead to personal injury. Mowing the lawn in flip flops and shorts may seem like a great idea during the summer, but you will not benefit from reliable protection. Wear boots or sneakers while working on the lawn, and wear long pants when you can. Always turn off your lawnmower when it is not in use, and never mow over debris.

    Know Your Grass
    If you want a dazzling lawn, consider the type of grass you are working with. Different types of grass thrive at different heights, and it is your job to keep them at the right level. It helps to learn about your grass before planting it so that you can accommodate its needs. It is okay to cut down your grass a little lower during cool weather, but you should keep your grass towards the upper end of its height range throughout warmer months.

    Protect Your Trees
    Lawn mowers and trees do not mix well. Be careful of your trees when you are mowing your lawn, and always use the proper equipment when trimming your trees. Mowing over tree roots can damage your trees as well as your lawn equipment, and it can lead to additional safety concerns as well.

    If you are looking for tools for rent in San Jose, feel free to contact A Tool Shed or visit our website today. We offer a range of equipment rentals including lawn mowers and tractors. Please do not hesitate to give us a call at (877) 890-2963 or stop by and see us if you live in the area.