• Safety Tips for Using a Jackhammer

    If you’re thinking of taking on a new project, you may be wondering if you’ll need a jackhammer and how to use one. Equipment rental companies supply jackhammers and can help you determine if it’s the type of equipment you need. Before you begin, keep in mind these safety tips:

    Understanding Jackhammers

    Also called pneumatic drills, jackhammers are typically used to break down pavement, blacktop, and rocks. They are often used in construction, mining, and excavation, and for building foundations. Jackhammers use a motorized chisel to break apart hard surfaces and are controlled by two handles at the top end. These tools can be powered by air pressure, hydraulics, and electricity—electric jackhammers are usually favored for minor household projects.

    Safety Precautions

    Understanding how to use and control a jackhammer is essential for operating one safely. When you rent the equipment, speak with the rental tool specialist about proper technique and what precautions you should take. Before plugging in your jackhammer, ensure that all of its parts, including the electrical cord, are tightly secured and are in good condition. Once you’re ready to begin, be sure to use your legs and not your back to avoid injury when lifting and moving the jackhammer.

    Safety Measures

    When working, keep the electrical cord slung over your shoulder to prevent damage to the cord and possible electrocution. When operating the jackhammer, it’s essential that you wear the proper equipment, including steel-toe boots, a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, eye protection, and sturdy gloves. Keep the tool at an angle as you drill to maintain better control and to prevent the chisel from jamming, and always unplug the jackhammer when it’s not in use.

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  • How to Choose Rental Tools

    If you plan to use a tool only occasionally, equipment rental makes more sense than investing in new tools. Watch this video to learn what to expect if you rent the tools that you need.

    You can find nearly any kind of tool or equipment that you need available for rent. You will want to investigate the rental company, particularly if you are renting a tool that you’re unfamiliar with, and learn if they provide any training and the condition of their equipment.

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  • Spotlight on Earthmoving Equipment

    Equipment Rental San Jose

    When you need a large equipment rental, such as an earthmoving vehicle or attachment, it can be a confusing decision. Do you need a 3-ton excavator, or a compact track loader? The type of equipment rentals you need all depend on the job you have in mind.

    There is a variety of earthmoving equipment, some used in demolition, and others for minor landscaping. If your project calls for extensive digging, you’ll probably need a backhoe loader or an excavator. These both come in different sizes with different attachments. For instance, the excavator has a 3-ton, 1.5-ton, and 1-ton option. You still have to sit in all of them, but the amount that they can excavate varies dramatically.

    If your job calls for trenching, possibly for sewer or water lines, there are different trencher sizes. A few are small, so you can walk behind as you push them through the trench you’re creating. Others require a seated operator.

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  • Choosing a High-Quality Generator for Your Home

    Equipment Rental San Jose

    If your home is prone to losing power, or you need temporary portable energy, buying a generator may be the solution. If you only need it once or twice for a project, then contact an equipment rental company to rent a generator. In the case of regular use, there are only a few choices you need to think on.

    Determine What Size You Need
    What you need to have continuously running during an outage is going to determine what size and type of high-quality generator you need. Look around at the appliances and machines you absolutely must have running in case of a power outage. As you determine which appliances are necessary—refrigerator, freezer, or medical equipment, for example—look for the wattage information on the label. Add the wattages and multiply by 1.5 to be sure of the minimum wattage requirement you’ll need in a generator. Remember to only include essential items; you can live without televisions, computers, and ovens for a few hours or days.

    Consider Portable and Standby Generators
    Plug-in, or portable generators, are the least expensive option to purchase, and they don’t require installation costs. A few downsides to portable generators are the many extension cords you may need and the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if it’s too close to the house. In addition, a portable generator must be manually turned on when power goes out. If your home is losing power regularly, it might be a prudent decision to purchase a standby generator that automatically turns on if you lose power. Standby generators are typically quieter than portables and can generate more power. A standby will also connect to propane or a natural gas line. The downsides to standby generators are the more expensive cost and installation fees.

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