• Tips for Preparing Your Lawn for the Fall Season

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    This fall, if you have want to have the best looking lawn on the block, it’s essential to practice good lawn-care. Along with renting the proper equipment from your local tool rental shop, you need to apply the right kind of fertilizer, among other tasks. To learn some helpful tips for preparing your lawn for this fall season, continue reading.

    Clean up Leaves
    Are fallen leaves collecting all over your lawn? If so, you should think about picking them up, since fallen leaves can block out the sunlight your grass needs to be healthy. Depending on your preferences, you can either clean up leaves using a rake or rent a mulching mower from a tool rental company

    Cut Grass Regularly
    Part of keeping a lawn healthy is cutting the grass regularly. Because of this, in the fall months, make sure that you mow your lawn every week. Doing this simple task will ensure that your grass grows properly when spring comes around.

    Use Fertilizer
    Lawns need to be fertilized in order to grow properly. Generally, during the fall months, the best kind of fertilizer to use is one that has high levels of nitrogen, followed by potassium and phosphorous. After you have found the right fertilizer, you should apply it using a rotary spreader to ensure even distribution.

    Rent an Aerator
    If you haven’t aerated your lawn in a long time, fall is the time do so. This simple process involves poking holes in a lawn so that the grass can take in water and nutrients easier. While you can aerate your lawn by hand, it much easier to rent an aerator from an equipment rental provider.

    Apply Seed
    Planting seed during the fall is one of the best ways to ensure that your lawn stays healthy. To do this task properly, it’s recommended that you rent a rotary spreader, which will apply the grass seed evenly. Once you have finished this task, your grass will grow with vigor.

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  • Equipment Rentals in California

    As a homeowner, you probably have lots of projects to do around the yard, from fertilizing the lawn to spraying the weeds. Because these and other tasks require the use of specific equipment, it’s important to find the right tool rental company in San Jose. For this endeavor, no business is more qualified than A Tool Shed.

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  • Safety Rules for Using Your Drill

    Powerful electric drill

    A power drill is a tool that is commonly used for many construction projects. While power drills offer a great level of convenience, they are also extremely powerful and should always be used with the utmost caution. If you will be renting a drill for your next construction project , here are some essential safety rules that you should be careful to follow.

    Dress Appropriately
    When using a drill , you should be sure to dress in the appropriate attire. Never wear loose or baggy clothing when operating a drill. Any hanging clothing can become trapped in the moving parts of the drill. Additionally, you should always wear safety glasses when operating a drill. Proper eye protection will prevent debris from entering and damaging your eyes.

    Use Caution When Drilling
    It is important to use caution whenever you are operating a drill. When you are carrying the drill, make sure that your fingers are away from the trigger. When the drill is in use, always operate the drill using both hands. Before drilling, make sure that you are not in contact with any live electrical wires, wet areas, or explosive gasses. After you have finished drilling, the drill bit will be extremely hot and can cause burns if it is touched.

    Inspect Regularly
    Before using the drill, you should always inspect the condition of the tool. If you notice that any components are loose, damaged, or broken, the drill is not safe for use. Make sure that the drill is fully repaired and operational before you turn it on. 

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  • A Quick Guide to Using an Overseeding Machine

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    If your lawn is suffering from unsightly thin areas or bare patches, overseeding is an effective method to restore lush, green grass. While overseeding to plant new grass directly over the existing lawn can be done by hand, this work is tedious and difficult. Renting an overseeding machine can help you accomplish your goal much more quickly and easily for more energy and time to enjoy your results.

    What an Overseeding Machine Does
    Overseeding distributes grass seed evenly over bare or thin areas of your yard to promote new growth without the need to lay sod. An overseeding machine creates a small cut in your soil, deposits grass seed, and then closes the cut over as you continue. This allows you to complete all three steps in overseeding your lawn at once for the quickest and easiest results.

    Steps for Using an Overseeding Machine
    Before you rent your overseeding machine, perform a soil test on your lawn. Soil testing will tell you if your lawn is deficient in certain nutrients that could affect the growth of new grass. If you are renting your overseeder, it’s best to practice first in an out-of-the-way area of your yard so you feel comfortable with the machine before you start. If you have a sprinkler system, mark areas around the heads and avoid these, as a slit seeder will damage them. You will need to adjust the slit depth created by the machine based on the type of grass seed you are using. Cover bare areas of your lawn with two passes of the slit seeder using a crisscross pattern so that your second pass is at a 45-degree angle to your first. This will produce a diamond-shaped pattern that will ensure even, lush regrowth.

    Are you looking to rent overseeders, aerators, or other lawn care equipment in San Jose? A Tool Shed has the equipment you need to maintain or restore your lawn. Call us at (831) 359-4769 or stop by any one of our six locations across Northern California. You can find more lawn care tips on our blog .