• An Overview of Some Essential Plumbing Tools

    Plumbing Tools San Jose

    If you need to take care of a clogged drain or toilet in your plumbing system, you may need to use more than just a plunger. There are other tools that will be necessary to tackle tough clogs, and renting tools is a great way to finish a job without spending a fortune on new tools. You should consider calling a tool rental company today if you need to get your hands on tools for a plumbing project. Here are just a few of the types of tools that will be made available to you.

    Have you tried to use a plunger to unclog your toilet but been unsuccessful? The next tool you should try to use is called an auger. It will allow you to maneuver your way down into your toilet in order to take care of a stubborn clog. You can feed the auger down into your toilet and unclog whatever has become lodged in your toilet. It’s a basic tool that many plumbers rely on, and you can get one by renting tools today. In just a few minutes, you can take care of a clogged toilet on your own.

    Pipe Wrenches
    Do you need to replace a pipe in your plumbing system? It can be difficult to move pipes without the use of a heavy-duty pipe wrench. The problem is that the average homeowner doesn’t really have a regular need for a pipe wrench. With that in mind, you should hold off on buying new tools like pipe wrenches and rent them instead. It will allow you to move any pipe in your home.

    Slip-Joint Pliers
    When you are doing any sort of plumbing job, you will often have to remove large nuts from pipes found throughout your home. Slip-joint pliers make it easy to grip those nuts and loosen them so that you can remove or replace p-traps under sinks and other parts of your plumbing system

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  • How to Use Cutting Tools

    Whether you need to use a sharp knife to cut through carpeting or a saw to slice your way through drywall, there are many cutting tools that can help you complete projects around your home. You may only need to use these tools once, though, so if you find that you need them for a household job, consider finding tools for rent in San Jose that you can use for your project.

    Watch this video to learn more about the cutting tools that can help you do everything from demolition to metal and tile grinding. You should always be extremely careful with cutting tools to avoid injury and to ensure that the job you’re doing gets done right.

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  • Key Features of the TK Plaster Mixer

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    A TK plaster mixer is constructed of a single piece, square central shaft that’s 1¾-inch thick. Since it’s not welded at both ends, it’s much stronger than other mixers. It also has a durable 3/16-inch-thick drum—available with ¼-inch steel—and is 50% thicker when compared with other drums. It features a cast-iron trunnion with triple sealed bearing, as well as a cast-iron pillow block that gives it more durability. Solid T-frame construction and reinforced leg, a strong steel hood latch, high-speed hubs, Honda Power reliability, and a heavy-duty ventilation shroud round out this mixer.

    TK Equipment’s mixers are superior and durable equipment. The safety features of the mixers include: safety chain with two secure lock nuts, a heavy-duty safety grid with a built-in bag cutter, and an emergency stop switch.

    Are you looking for a TK Plaster Mixer or another piece of rental equipment or tools for your next project? If so, contact A Tool Shed Equipment Rental at (800) 286-6574. We offer construction equipment and power tools for rent in San Jose and the Greater Bay Area.

  • A Look at How a Generator Rental Can Help You This Winter

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    If you live in an area where high wind gusts and heavy rainstorms periodically occur during the winter, chances are you’ve experienced a power outage at one point in time. Losing your power, no matter how long it may be, can be a major inconvenience, especially in this age of smartphones, tablets, and Wi-Fi. To ensure that you and your family are not left in the dark during a storm, consider renting a backup generator at your local equipment rental store.

    Generators Come to the Rescue
    Strong gusts of wind are usually to blame for power outages during storms because they can dislodge or damage overhead powers lines. When the power goes out, most people reach for their flashlights or candles, which work fine during short outages. If an outage lasts for more than a couple of days, you may find yourself dealing with a whole array of problems: the perishable foods in your refrigerator can spoil, and your home’s indoor temperature can plummet without a working heating system. Having a backup generator on hand to power your home temporarily can really help the situation. If you have a medical device that relies on electricity, you definitely want to be in contact with your equipment rental store.

    Generators Protect Your Home
    Having a generator rental can really come in handy, especially if your power goes out during the coldest part of the winter season. Without electricity to light and/or fuel your furnace or space heater, the temperature inside your home can drastically drop, making your home uninhabitable and causing your indoor pipes to freeze and potentially burst.

    Generator Rentals Save You Money
    Unless your area experiences power outages on a regular basis, it may not be financially feasible for you to buy a backup generator, which could run upwards of $4,000. The beauty of renting a generator is that you can have access to a top-of-the-line model at a fraction of the cost to purchase one outright. Also, you won’t need to worry about storing it in your home if you’re tight on space.

    At A Tool Shed Equipment Rental , we’re committed to providing our customers with high-quality tools and equipment for rent in San Jose. Give us a call today at (800) 286-6574 to learn more about the backup generators we have in stock, as well as our other equipment and tool rentals.

  • Exploring the Great Benefits of Renting Tools

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    If you’re tackling a construction project, you may need to have a few power tools available to help you get through the process quicker. Certain tools and equipment, such as power drills and circular saws, may be continually used for many years. Others, such as cement mixers, may only need to be used once every decade or so. Therefore, it makes more sense to rent certain tools and equipment rather than spending the money to buy them. Here are some more benefits of renting tools.

    You Can Get Your Job Done Faster
    You can either spend countless hours hammering in nails and mixing cement by hand, or you can rent the equipment to do it for you in a fraction of the time. Power tools and construction equipment allow you to complete your projects efficiently and in a timely manner. They can also take the strain off of your body by doing the bulk of the physical work for you, so you’re less likely to end your days with backaches, blistered hands, and sore muscles.

    You Save Money
    Tool or equipment rental is a great and cost-effective way to get the best tools for your project without having to buy them at retail cost, especially if they’re things you won’t be using frequently.

    You Get to Use the Best and Most Reliable Tools
    When you rent tools at a reputable equipment rental store, you have access to the best tools and equipment on the market today—the ones professional contractors and master craftsmen use. And since these tools are serviced and maintained by the rental places, you can rest assured that anything you potentially rent is in its best working condition; if it’s not, you can easily exchange it for one that is, and at no extra cost.

    For nearly 70 years, A Tool Shed Equipment Rental has strived to provide our customers with the best equipment and tools for rent in San Jose and the Greater Bay Area. We’re open seven days a week and have seven rental stores available to you. Call us today at (800) 286-6574 to learn more about equipment rentals and what we have in stock.