• A Look at How a Generator Rental Can Help You This Winter

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    If you live in an area where high wind gusts and heavy rainstorms periodically occur during the winter, chances are you’ve experienced a power outage at one point in time. Losing your power, no matter how long it may be, can be a major inconvenience, especially in this age of smartphones, tablets, and Wi-Fi. To ensure that you and your family are not left in the dark during a storm, consider renting a backup generator at your local equipment rental store.

    Generators Come to the Rescue
    Strong gusts of wind are usually to blame for power outages during storms because they can dislodge or damage overhead powers lines. When the power goes out, most people reach for their flashlights or candles, which work fine during short outages. If an outage lasts for more than a couple of days, you may find yourself dealing with a whole array of problems: the perishable foods in your refrigerator can spoil, and your home’s indoor temperature can plummet without a working heating system. Having a backup generator on hand to power your home temporarily can really help the situation. If you have a medical device that relies on electricity, you definitely want to be in contact with your equipment rental store.

    Generators Protect Your Home
    Having a generator rental can really come in handy, especially if your power goes out during the coldest part of the winter season. Without electricity to light and/or fuel your furnace or space heater, the temperature inside your home can drastically drop, making your home uninhabitable and causing your indoor pipes to freeze and potentially burst.

    Generator Rentals Save You Money
    Unless your area experiences power outages on a regular basis, it may not be financially feasible for you to buy a backup generator, which could run upwards of $4,000. The beauty of renting a generator is that you can have access to a top-of-the-line model at a fraction of the cost to purchase one outright. Also, you won’t need to worry about storing it in your home if you’re tight on space.

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  • A Look at How Home Demolition Works

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    With the rise in national home sales in recent years, not to mention the popularity of home-improvement shows, there has been a surge in the number of homeowners and who are tackling home-renovation projects and buying fixer uppers. There are many benefits of being a do-it-yourselfer. Not only can you gain useful construction skills, you can also save money on your renovation project by doing the demolition work yourself. Here is a look at the home demolition process and how an equipment rental store in San Jose can help you get the job done.

    Learning the Trade
    You just purchased an older home that needs some TLC and a facelift. You want to do a bulk of the demolition work yourself, and possible some construction work, but you have no or very little home-remodeling experience. Thankfully, if you have a healthy amount of gumption and confidence in yourself, you can learn how to be a fairly decent handyperson. There are many resources available to you: how-to books, home-improvement shows, and consulting an expert at your local hardware or tool rental store.

    Using Power Tools
    You should become proficient in using hand tools and larger tools like sledgehammers, crowbars, and pickaxes. Better yet, make it a point to learn how to use power tools, which can be rented at your local equipment rental store if you don’t happen to have them on hand. The most useful power tools you’re going to need for demolition work are a power drill, a reciprocating saw , and a circular saw. For example, reciprocating saws can cut through wood and metal, which is very helpful when you’re attempting to remove windows, steel railings, or stubborn cabinetry.

    Consulting a Professional
    When in doubt, strike up a conversation with your tool-rental specialist. He or she can match you with the right tool for whatever job you’re tackling. Most rental places also sell new and used equipment—a knowledgeable expert can help you build your personal tool library.

    For nearly 70 years, A Tool Shed Equipment Rental has provided our customers with the best home demolition equipment and tools for rent in San Jose and the Greater Bay Area. We are open seven days a week and have seven rental store locations to serve you. Call us at (877) 890-2963 to chat with one of our customer service specialists and to learn more about our available inventory.

  • Using a Dremel Tool

    Dremel is a brand of rotary tools that was originally developed by Albert J. Dremel in the early 1930s. Utilizing a whole host of changeable bits, these tools can be used to drill, saw, grind, carve, engrave, sand, and buff. As small handheld devices, Dremel tools are made to be easy to operate. One key thing to keep in mind when using a Dremel is to move it against the direction its tool bit is rotating. This gives you more control and precision. Watch this video to learn more about how to use this rotary tool.

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  • How to Choose a Drill

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    Drills are among the most versatile of all power tools, and are essential for virtually all DIY home projects. Whether you want to buy a drill or are simply looking to rent one for a project you’re currently working on, here are some features to look for when choosing a drill:

    • A hammer action/drill driver makes for quick work when drilling into masonry or brickwork
    • Variable speed control will allow you to vary the speed of the drill depending on the size of hold, type of accessory being used, and the material you’re drilling into
    • A two-speed gearbox or variable torque setting is ideal for drilling delicate materials, such as glass and tile
    • Long-lasting batteries and a quick charge time will help you complete your task more quickly

    Whatever you need a drill for, A Tool Shed Equipment Rentals can help. Our tool and equipment rental shops in San Jose and Northern California are equipped a wide variety of drills, bits, and accessories that can make short work of your DIY project. Call us toll-free at (877) 890-2963 to speak with one of our tool and equipment rental specialists about your needs.

  • The Basics of Using a Jigsaw

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    The jigsaw is one of the most versatile tools for cutting shapes into almost any material. If you have limited experience using this power tool, read this article to learn the basics of using a jigsaw. And for the best rental equipment in San Jose , come to A Tool Shed Equipment Rentals.

    Cutting with the Right Blade
    The right jigsaw blade for your project will depend on what type of material you are cutting into. The bayonet style is ideal for laminate. If you are cutting wood, you will need the universal style blade. There are also specific jigsaw blades available for cutting into metal and tile. If you are purchasing a jigsaw blade, know that bimetal blades are very strong and can last 10 times longer than the traditional blade.

    Cutting Wood
    Firmly press the saw shoe onto the surface of the wood, with the blade pointing away from the edge. After you start the motor, move the blade over the outside of the cutting line. Keep in mind the pace at which you move the saw; the saw should not be deflecting and the motor should not labor excessively. Use a fence for straight cuts to ensure the best results.

    Cutting Countertops
    When cutting into laminate, drill a half-inch hole to help start the blade. Using a special laminate blade is essential, as it will only cut on the down-stroke. Tape the bottom of the saw shoe to avoid damaging the countertop. Be patient—cutting laminate with a jig-saw takes longer than you may expect.

    Cutting Ceramic
    To reduce breakage and speed up the cutting process for ceramic tile, apply a mist of water to help lubricate and cool the saw cut. Jig-saws work best when cutting wall tile that is no more than a quarter-inch thick. Apply masking tape to the saw shoe to avoid damaging the tile.

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  • Touring the Most Essential Plumbing Tools

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    Performing plumbing work requires an arsenal of tools and supplies. Fortunately, A Tool Shed is a great place to get tool rentals, used tools, or new tools in San Jose that you need for plumbing work. Read below to take a closer look at the most essential tools you will need for plumbing.

    Basic Plumbing Work
    All homeowners should have these basic plumbing tools in their kit if they want to perform procedures such as changing a showerhead, installing a sink, or switching out a faucet. Locking pliers and adjustable wrenches perform roughly the same function, but plumbers usually prefer locking pliers. Needle-nose pliers are very useful for working in tight spaces and with small parts. Also known as Teflon rape, plumbers tape is essential for sealing threaded pipes—such as those found on showerheads and faucet supply lines.

    Other Important Tools
    Add plumbers putty to your toolbox to create a water-resistant seal on un-pressured joints, such as sink drains. A basin wrench is also an important tool for working under the sink and other hard-to-reach places. Caulk and a caulk gun are great for repairing ceramic sinks, shower seams, and cracks near windows and doors.

    Copper Piping Work
    If you need to work with copper pipes, you will need a collection of tools for soldering. A tubing cutter, fitting brush, propane torch, flux, solder, and copper fittings are important supplies to have on hand. Emery paper is fine in place of a fitting brush. And be sure that you have brushes to go with the flux.

    For more information about the tools and supplies that A Tool Shed has to offer, visit our website, where you can browse the inventory and see reviews and ratings. We have seven locations throughout Northern California, including Santa Clara, Hollister, Warsonville, Morgan Hill, Santa Cruz, Salinas, and Campbell. If you have any questions, call (877) 890-2963 to speak with a tool and equipment specialist.

  • Welding Safety 101

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    Welding can be a daunting process for those who have never done it before. Not only does welding require safety equipment and tools in San Jose , but it also requires knowledge of the proper safety procedures. Read this article to learn more about how to stay safe when welding.

    Ensure that you have the proper protective equipment, such as a safety mask that covers your eyes and face, and protective clothing that is designed for welding. Your local equipment rental and sales company will probably have these items in stock. Having adequate ventilation is also important; otherwise harmful contaminants can build up. Before you begin welding, inspect the area thoroughly to be sure combustibles are at least 35 feet away, and that there is a fire extinguisher readily available.

    For the tool rentals you will need to weld safely, come to A Tool Shed. Visit our website to see our selection of new tools, used tools, and equipment rentals. And if you have any questions, call us at (877) 890-2963.

  • Jackhammer Safety Tips

    Following proper safety protocol is essential when using a jackhammer in San Jose . For safety tips when using a jackhammer, watch this video clip.

    Always keep the lift assist on the left-hand side, between the operator and the jackhammer. Keep the jackhammer at a comfortable and safe length from your body—do not hover above it. Avoid burying the jackhammer bit, and be sure to use the lift assist to pull the bit up to clear the debris. Work from right to left, because this provides the best view of the lift assist.

    If you need a jackhammer, come to A Tool Shed, where you can get all the tools you need. In addition to rental equipment and tool rentals, A Tool Shed sells new and used tools. Call us at (877) 890-2963 for more information.

  • Operating Your Power Drill Rental

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    A power drill is among the most versatile and useful tools that you can include in your toolkit. When you are seeking tools for rent in San Jose, you may want to include a power drill in your tool rental. A company offering high-quality tool rentals will be able to help you select the perfect power drill for your project. To help you get the most out of your tool rental, here is a closer look at the basics of operating a power drill.

    Choose the Right Bit
    When you are operating a power drill , it is important to choose the right drill bit for your project. Power drills can be equipped with a variety of bits that are suited for specific tasks. For example, if you are drilling a hole for a screw, you should choose a twist bit. To create a larger hole in a wooden surface, you should select a spade bit or hole saw.

    Tighten the Bit Properly
    One of the main aspects of safe drill operation is to tighten down the bit completely. Once you have chosen the right bit for your project, you will need to insert and tighten the bit down. Some bits can be tightened with keyless chucks, whereas others require a special key for tightening.

    Practice Using the Trigger
    Once you have your drill in place, you may want to practice using the drill trigger. The trigger is the part of the drill that is used to spin the drill bit. Pressing the drill trigger in one direction moves the bit forward, and pressing in the other direction will reverse the bit out of the hole.

    When you are in need of a quality drill in San Jose, be sure to contact A Tool Shed. We proudly offer our customers a variety of tool rental services , and our team of qualified tool experts can help you pick out the perfect tool for the job. To learn more about the rentals that we have to offer you, give us a call at (800) 286-6574.

  • The Steps of Using a Power Planer

    A power planer is a great piece of equipment to consider when you are choosing tools for rent in San Jose. For example, this tool rental can be used to shave doorways that are not fitting properly, and can also be used to remove paint, stains, and other substances. To get the most out of your power planer, you should be sure to set your planer at the right depth. With the depth at the right setting, you will be ready to start using the planer. For a closer look at using your rental equipment, check out this video from essortment.

    When you are renting tools for a project at home, be sure to visit A Tool Shed of San Jose. We offer a wide variety of tool rentals , ranging from car tools to power planers and more. To hear more about our selection of tools, give us a call at (800) 286-6574.