Tool & Equipment Sales

As a light contractor, you’re no stranger to improvement projects. You know how important your tools are for getting jobs done effectively and on time. Since your livelihood depends on quality work, you can’t afford to gamble on unreliable equipment. While rental equipment is great for certain occasions, purchasing your own equipment is ideal if you plan to perform a specific kind of work on a regular basis. In addition to equipment rentals, A Tool Shed offers tool and equipment sales at six locations throughout the Bay Area.

Reasons to Buy Equipment

Whether you specialize in landscaping or light construction projects, purchasing your equipment can come with a number of benefits—especially if you plan to use your equipment many times in the future. Here are just two reasons why you might consider purchasing your own lawn aerator, concrete mixer, or other piece of equipment.

  • Save Money: While purchasing your own equipment may be a significant investment up front, you’ll find that you save a lot of money on rentals in the long run. The more you use your purchased tools and equipment, the sooner you’ll make up for the initial cost.
  • Save Time: Purchasing your own tools can also help increase the efficiency of your projects. Instead of spending time learning how to properly use a rental tool, you’ll have all your familiar tools at your fingertips. You also won’t have to bother with picking up and dropping off rental tools at the rental facility.

Used Equipment

A Tool Shed is proud to offer used equipment to people throughout the Bay Area and Northern California. While used equipment may not always be as sophisticated as new equipment, used equipment almost always costs less. Your used tools might cost less up front, but probably won’t last as long as new equipment.

New Equipment

If you want a fresh set of useful and good-looking tools, buying new is the way to go. Though new tools cost more than used ones, you can expect your new tools to last longer. A Tool Shed offers new equipment from several big names in equipment, including Genie, Kohler, and Barreto.

Renting tools can be convenient and cost effective if you only plan to use certain tools once or for a limited time. If you wish to use your tools more often, however, purchasing them is a good idea. Whether you’re planning on renting or purchasing your tools and equipment, trust the experts at A Tool Shed in San Jose.