When to Rent Scaffolding & How to Use It Safely

If you’re going to be working on projects that you can’t complete from the ground, scaffolding is a safe and convenient solution. It is much easier to use than a ladder, especially when you’re going to be working at a height for an extended period of time with multiple tools. Scaffolding is among the equipment rentals we offer, and it is easy to use, even for novices. Here is a closer look at when you should consider renting scaffolding and how to stay safe while using it.  

When to Use Scaffolding 

Scaffolding can be used for any job for which your might use a ladder. However, it typically isn’t used for quick tasks but rather for jobs that would require you to stand on a ladder for an extended period of time. It is ideal for use when working on the roof, painting high levels of your home, working on a chimney, or doing other prolonged, elevated projects. For these jobs, scaffolding saves you from the inconvenience of repeatedly moving your ladder and gives you a platform on which you can keep your tools.  

How to Use Scaffolding Safely 

When you rent scaffolding, inspect all of the pieces before assembling. When you finish the assembly process, test the security of the scaffold before climbing on it. Always place the scaffolding on a safe, stable surface, and never use additional ladders on top of the scaffold. If your scaffold height will be higher than 15 feet, ask your rental company about tie-in procedures.  

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