Choosing the Perfect Barbeque

On temperate California evenings, a barbeque is a host’s finest tool. If you don’t barbeque often, you may consider rental equipment in San Jose for your next grilling occasion.

Your first choice is between fuel sources. Coal, gas, and electricity are your options. Customizability is the benefit of coal; different types of briquettes and lump charcoals offer distinct flavors, but they require some time to heat thoroughly before you can start grilling. Electric burners are cleaner and safe for indoors, but many find a lack of fire undesirable in a social barbeque setting. Using gas gives you complete control of the flame, which you can turn on or off at any time.

Consider your space. Large, smoke-billowing charcoal barbeques can be ideal in large yards, but small gas grills are less obtrusive in tightly packed communities. Many apartments ban all non-electric grills. Also think about features. Built-in thermometers, weatherproofed exteriors, protective covers, cooking racks, rotisserie attachments, and smoke boxes—which grillers fill with wood chips for smoky flavor infusions—are only a few of the myriad options available.

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