• How to Use a Metal Detector

    Metal detectors can be used on building sites to find underground pipes, and they are also popular with people who enjoy treasure hunting. If you have a need to use a metal detector as part of a work project or you simply want to try one out for treasure hunting hobby, you can rent this tool easily and affordably. Is using a metal detector new to you? These tips will help you get the most out of your equipment rental.  

    Practice Your Sweeping Technique 

    Getting your sweep right is critical to using your metal detector effectively. The detector itself needs to be close enough to the ground to actually detect buried metal, but it can’t be so close that it touches the surface. Many people have a tendency to sweep back and forth hurriedly, in short swings. However, this technique won’t give the detector enough to time to thoroughly penetrate and scan the surface. Instead, sweep slowly, in long back and forth swings, to methodically cover the area.  

    Test Your Detector 

    It can helpful to test your metal detector before you start using it. Bury a few coins and nails, and then see if you can find them again with the detector. Doing this will help you get used to the sounds the detector makes when it finds something and will give you a feel to how strong the detector’s sensors are. Be sure to use a few different kinds of metal, so you can see if the detector is better at finding some kinds than others.  

    Be Methodic with Your Search 

    When you search an area with your metal detector, take a methodic approach. Work slowly and deliberately, finishing your search of one point before moving on the to next. Using this kind of approach will help to ensure that you thoroughly search the area and don’t leave any parts uncovered.  

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  • What’s a Scissor Lift and Why Would I Need One?

    Scissor lifts, or aerial work platforms, are essential for safely working on projects at different heights. They have a crisscrossed mechanical lifting mechanism that allows workers to be elevated simply and safely. Thanks to the availability of scissor lifts as rental equipment, you don’t have to worry about purchasing one for short- or long-term jobs.   

    You can make use of a scissor lift at any job site at which you need an elevated platform. They are ideal replacements for ladders and scaffolding, particularly for jobs where your elevated platform needs to be used in multiple locations. With a scissor lift, you don’t have to break down and rebuild the entire platform every time you have to move it. It’s the perfect tool for window washing, tree trimming, construction, and even in factories or warehouses where you need to move items on high shelves.  

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  • Understanding R-Value

    If your energy bills just keep climbing, you may want to take a look at your insulation. R-value is the measure by which the effectiveness of your insulation is determined. If your home’s R-value is insufficient, you can rent tools to improve it.

    Watch this video to learn about insulation and R-values. R-value refers to how much resistance your insulation has to heat loss. The higher the R-value, the less heat loss you will experience. The specific R-value that is right for your home will depend on the climate in which you live.

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  • Welding Basics for Beginners

    Welding takes practice, so beginners can often benefit from tips to make the job easier to complete. The more frequently you practice welding, the more comfortable you will become with all parts of the process. If you’re a beginning welder in search of some ways to make better use of your tool rentals, these basic guidelines will help.  

    Always Wear Safety Gear 

    Wearing safety gear is crucial for all welders, and it is even more important when you are inexperienced and more prone to experiencing accidents. Leather gloves and a welding helmet with eye protection are essential for preventing burns and damage to your eyes from the welding flame. You should also wear long sleeves to weld, as you can get sunburned from the flame as well. Beginning welders sometimes feel like the safety equipment seems excessive, but there is a reason you never see experienced welders skimping on safety gear. All of it is necessary for protecting yourself from serious injury.  

    Properly Prepare the Surface  

    Before you begin welding, the surface on which you will be working should be thoroughly cleaned with a wire brush and metal cleanser. You should also sand it, if necessary. Once the surface has been cleaned, apply a welding primer. The primer will prevent the surrounding areas from becoming rusted or corroded as a result of the welding.  

    Work with the Right Kind of Wire 

    Using the wrong welding wire can lead to weak welds or holes in the metal surface. If the metal on which you are working is thin, you should use a thin wire to avoid damaging the surface. For thick metal, use a thick wire that is strong enough for the job. Choose a wire that is made from the same kind of metal as the surface on which you are working.  

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