• Should You Get a Backup Generator?

    Many homeowners give little thought to their household electrical power use until fuses blow. The grids in older homes in particular may not always be able to handle the increased electrical demand of modern appliance usage. Rather than undertaking a costly rewiring project, you may prefer to use a backup generator. We have a variety of generators for sale in San Jose .

    What Fuel Do Backup Generators Use?
    The majority of backup generators are gas-powered. You should exercise caution when operating a generator, as you would with any type of tool or rental equipment. When the proper precautions are taken, gas-powered backup generators are very safe to use. Fill the tank with same care you would use while filling a gas-powered lawn mower or any similar power equipment.

    What Types of Backup Generators Can I Rent?

    There are two basic types of high quality generators: standby generators , and emergency portable generators. A standby generator is permanently installed between your home’s electrical grid and the utility grid, and it automatically provides electricity to your home in the event of an outage. An emergency portable generator is a smaller tool that you can connect as needed to provide electrical power in case of a blackout.

    How Long Will a Backup Generator Power My Home?

    Backup generators come in a variety of wattages and sizes, so their output varies greatly. A 2000-watt generator with a 1-gallon fuel tank, for example, can provide up to 15 hours of use. Generators with higher wattages often have larger fuel tanks to support their greater power output. If you want a generator that will power your home for an entire day, you will need a larger generators whose output is measured in kilowatts.

    Whether you wish to purchase a generator as part of your San Jose earthquake readiness plan, or simply rent one for an event, A Tool Shed can help you find the equipment you need. Visit one of our six locations or call us today at (877) 890-2963 for friendly, professional assistance.