• A Guide to Rental Equipment: Log Splitters

    When it comes to splitting logs, you no longer have to rely on a simple old axe to get the job done. Improved technology and design has made splitting logs easy and efficient. Watch this video for a look at a few types of log splitters that save you time and labor.

    An inexpensive option would be a splitting maul, ideal for smaller and fewer logs. For greater power and less work, you might want to go with a rented hydraulic jack or a gas-powered hydraulic ram. They are more expensive options, but renting the equipment can make either of them the most effective option for your dollar.


    Come to A Tool Shed Equipment Rentals at one of our six locations in Northern California to check out our selection of rental tools for your log splitting needs. Contact us at our website or at (831) 359-4769 for more information.

  • Keep the Outdoors Warm During Work or Leisure with These Heating Equipment Products

    Adirondack chairs and fire pit

    The cold weather is usually discouraging when you’d just like to enjoy the outdoors without having to hassle with putting on extra layers. Solve the problem by renting outdoors heating equipment for your backyard, patio, or other outdoor space. Keep warm with the following kinds of equipment.

    Fire Pits
    Install a fire pit into the ground surrounded by a barrier or get a standing pit. Pile on the firewood, light it up, and enjoy the natural warmth of your own outdoor fire place. As with all heating equipment, it is important to be mindful of safety hazards. Pay attention to your fire, and make sure to put the fire completely out when you are done. 

    Propane Space Heaters
    These heaters can often be seen in the outdoor sections of restaurants and events and can be easily placed on your patio. Fueled by LP propane cylinders , the heater is on a stand, providing radiant heat that won’t be blown away by the wind. A peaked cover on top of the heater directs the heat down toward the surrounding area.

    Forced Air Heaters
    Outdoor forced air heaters are also fueled by propane and are portable stand-alone units. As the name implies, the hot air generated by the motor is forced outward through a cylinder. This design makes it easy to direct the hot air to where you’d like it. In addition, the use of a tent-like cover helps trap the warm air and increase heating efficiency.

    Get outside and stay warm and comfortable with our outdoor heaters at A Tool Shed Equipment Rentals. At any of our six Northern California locations, you’ll find high-quality equipment and guidance from our professional equipment rental specialists. Plus, there’s no sales tax and no environmental fees. Visit us today or call (831) 359-4769 to learn more about what we can do for you.

  • Essential Rental Tools and Equipment for Cutting Down Old Trees and Cutting Firewood

    Chopped trees

    Cutting down a tree can be an engaging do-it-yourself project, but without the right tools and equipment , it can be an inconvenient and even dangerous job to undertake.  Read on for an overview of equipment you should rent or purchase to safely and effectively get the job done.

    Safety Gear Felling a tree, particularly an old, large one, can be hazardous work. Protect yourself from falling branches and debris with a hard hat, steel toed boots, and eye protection. Wear thick work gloves to prevent your hands and wrists from getting too roughed up, and wear ear protection if you’re going to be working with loud equipment like a chainsaw.

    Cutting Tools In order to cut down a tree , you’ll need a powerful and sharp chainsaw. Gas-powered chainsaws are more powerful than electric ones and are also more portable. Electric chainsaws are lighter and are better for cutting firewood from thinner trees. Use pruning shears help to remove branches blocking your way and make the sawing process easier.

    Splitting Tools After having your tree cut into more manageable logs, you can use a myriad of tools to split them into firewood. Manual methods include using a splitting maul, a wedge, and a sledge hammer. Wedges are useful for creating a deeper split with the force of a sledge hammer. While an axe and wedge are more practical for splitting just a few logs, hydraulic log splitters are more powerful and don’t require as much manual labor, making them more suitable for splitting a great deal of wood.

    Make sure you have the proper rental tools at hand before trying cut down a tree. A Tool Shed Equipment Rentals has six convenient locations in Northern California, where our equipment rental specialists can help you find the tools you need. Visit our website or call us at (831) 359-4769 to get started today.

  • Winterize Your Home in a Weekend

    Man with chainsaw

    Preparing for Jack Frost’s arrival can send a shiver down any homeowner’s spine. A long to-do list for getting your home ready can feel overwhelming, leaving you wondering where you’ll find the time and resources. But, with some optimism, easy tips, and access to a few rental tools , you can winterize your home in just one weekend, leaving plenty of time to enjoy autumn’s splendor.

    Prepare your lawn and landscaping

    Cold temperatures cause grass and other plants in your landscape to go dormant. Spend a few hours preparing your lawn for beautiful greenery next year.

    Start by aerating. Renting an aerator is a cost-effective and efficient way to reduce thatch and provide extra space in the soil for water and oxygen to reach the roots. After aerating, spread a quality winter fertilizer to give your grass the nutrients it needs to grow strong. If you live in an area with harsh winters, remember to cover roses and delicate perennials so that they are protected.

    Winterize your deck

    The harsh winter elements can take a major toll on decking, so it’s important to protect it. With a little time and effort, your deck will make it through winter unscathed and ready for outdoor fun in spring.

    Keep the structure’s integrity intact and wood looking beautiful, clean and seal your deck before winter arrives. Start by renting a pressure washer at A Tool Shed Equipment Rentals. A trained rental associate will give you guidance on safe and efficient operation of the pressure washer. After you clean your deck, let it dry completely and then apply paint or sealant.

    Trim your trees

    Weak trees and dead branches can break and fall during winter, possibly damaging your home, your car, a utility line, or worse. Be a responsible homeowner and cut weak or dead branches in the fall so you don’t have to worry.

    A chainsaw is the easiest way to deal with dead branches and will take much less time than hand sawing. You can rent a chainsaw at A Tool Shed Equipment Rentals to cut the wood into small logs or pieces for disposing of properly. Chippers can also be rented for grinding up the wood and using it for mulch in the spring.

    Seal windows and doors

    When temperatures drop, the small leaks in windows and doors become apparent. Avoid a chilly house and high energy bills by caulking your windows and weather stripping doors.

    Weather stripping is cheap and easy. Apply the adhesive strip between the door and frame for a tight seal that limits the amount of air that enters or exits when the door is closed. Caulking windows is a simple process as well when you have a caulk gun. If you need a tall ladder to reach second story windows, consider renting it since you’ll likely use it infrequently. While you have the ladder, clean your gutters of leaves and other debris that can cause backups and ice dams.

    All you need is one weekend to prepare your home and yard for the cold weather ahead. Plus you’ll get to enjoy the crisp autumn air while you get these quick and easy chores done.

  • A Tool Shed Proudly Supports Local Boy Scout Troop on Their Eagle Projects

    We proudly support our local Boy Scouts working to complete their Eagle Projects. Take a look at some of the recent donations we have made to help a few boys and their Thank You letters to us!

    Congratulations on all of your great projects!

    Raymond C. Empson - Thank You Letter TJ von Schmacht - Thank You Letter Robert P. Empson - Thank You Letter

  • Do It Yourself: Rent Tools for Your Home Improvement Projects [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Whether you are an experienced handyman or a home improvement novice, you need to have the right tools to complete any construction project. There are many home improvement projects that homeowners can tackle themselves with a little bit of guidance and the right equipment. If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at construction or landscaping, try renting the tools you need to get the job done. Home improvement projects can be quick and simple or more complicated, and you can choose a project with the right level of difficulty for you. Take a look at this infographic from A Tool Shed Equipment Rentals in San Jose to get a few ideas of construction and landscaping projects you can try yourself. Please share the information with your friends who are looking for ways to improve their homes!


  • Power Tool Rental: Important Safety Gear for Using a Chainsaw

    When using heavy-duty tools like a chainsaw , it is important to use the proper safety equipment.

    Protect your hands with gloves. Also use headphones and eye protection to ensure that your upper body stays safe from flying debris and damaging levels of noise. If you are doing serious cutting, Kevlar chaps can give you a protective barrier between the saw and your legs. To learn more about safety equipment and chainsaw operation, watch this helpful video.


    With the chainsaws, branch chippers, and other tool rentals available at A Tool Shed Equipment Rentals’ six convenient locations, you can get what you need for any home maintenance task. Visit our website to browse through our rental selection, and then call (831) 359-4769 to start your order.


  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year 1

    May the coming year bring lots of harmony, good health and prosperity in your life!

    Wishing you and your family a very happy new year from all of us at A Tool Shed!