• Fun Projects to Try with a Miter Saw

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    A miter saw is an essential woodworking tool that should have a place in every workshop. If you just getting started as a woodworker, consider checking out a miter saw from your local equipment rental company. From building frames to creating furniture, your miter saw can be used for a variety of different woodworking projects. Let’s take a look at three fun projects to try out after you rent a miter saw.

    Build an Adirondack Chair
    Adirondack chairs are known for their laidback style and exceptional comfort. Using a miter saw, you will be able to cut the unique pieces that are needed to build an Adirondack chair from scratch. When you create an Adirondack chair, you will be able to practice cutting straight and curved lines with your miter saw. Once your Adirondack chair has been assembled, you will have a terrific addition to your outdoor furniture set.

    Create a Bird Feeder
    Building a bird feeder is a terrific project for a woodworker who is just getting started. In order to create a bird feeder, you will need to use your miter saw to cut a roof, sides, and perch for your feathered friends. Your hand built bird feeder will attract beautiful bird species, throughout different seasons of the year.

    Craft a Memorabilia Shelf
    The miter saw offers the precision needed to create beveled edges and other advanced woodworking cuts. To show off your skills with your miter saw, craft a memorabilia shelf that can be displayed in your home. Building a shelf or display will require you to cut unique edges and finish your wood project to perfection.

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  • Which Tools and Materials Will I Need to Build My Own Shed?

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    Building a shed is a fairly simple DIY project that can be accomplished by the average homeowner. If you are thinking of building a shed for your backyard, an equipment rental company will be able to provide you with the tools that you need for your project . From handheld tools to power equipment, there are a few essential items that are required to create a shed from scratch. Here is a look at which tools and materials that you will need to build your shed.

    Concrete Deck Blocks
    A stable shed requires a sturdy structural support system. The first phase of building your shed will involve creating a foundation out of concrete deck blocks and sturdy wooden joists. If you choose to pour your own concrete deck blocks, you will need to rent concrete mixing equipment and molds from an equipment rental company.

    Deck Screws and Drill Driver
    With the foundation in place, you will be ready to start framing your shed. To attach the posts and joints to the foundation, it will be necessary to use heavy-duty deck screws. Using a drill driver, you will be able to fasten your deck screws securely into place.

    Circular Saw
    During the process of framing and finishing your shed, it will be necessary to cut certain pieces of wood to fit specific dimensions. Rather than purchasing pre-cut wood from the lumber yard, you can ensure that you achieve the right sizes and shapes by renting a circular saw. A circular saw will allow you to cut precise lines in your plywood and boards.

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  • Should I Buy or Rent a Chainsaw?

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    Chainsaws can be used for tree trimming, and to cut down large trees or stumps that are crowding your property. If you are preparing for a major landscaping project, you may be wondering whether you should buy a chainsaw, or simply rent one from a tool rental company. To determine whether buying a chainsaw will be worth your time and money, consider how often you can anticipate using the tool. If you will only be trimming or cutting trees once every year, you may be better off with a rental.

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  • Refinishing Your Hardwood Floor? Here’s What You’ll Need

    Refinishing your hardwood floor is a great way to boost the value and appeal of your home. In this video from This Old House, you will learn about all the tools that are required for a hardwood floor refinishing project. To prepare your floors for refinishing, you will need to carefully vacuum and sand the surface. After your floors have been sanded, they will be ready to receive several coats of finish.

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