• Essential Forklift Safety Tips

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    When you are working on a construction site, you may be required to operate a forklift. A company offering equipment for rent in San Jose can help you select the right forklift for your job. To ensure that you operate your rental equipment in a safe manner, it is essential to keep in mind the basics of forklift safety. For example, you should make sure to fully examine your forklift before it is used. In addition, it is important to be sure that the load is at an appropriate weight for the forklift. Finally, you should be aware of your surrounding environment and make sure that objects and people are safely out of the forklift’s path of travel.

    When you choose equipment rentals from A Tool Shed, our helpful team of staff will make sure that you are able to operate your forklift safely. We specialize in rental equipment in San Jose, and we will make sure that you receive the right equipment rentals for the task that you have planned. For more information about our equipment rental services , call us at (800) 286-6574.

  • How to Care for Your Lawn During the Summer Months

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    The summer season is still going strong and now is the perfect time to enjoy your lawn and yard with your family and friends. To get the most out of your lawn this summer, it is a great idea to use a lawn mower to trim your lawn on a routine basis. A company offering equipment for rent in San Jose can help you pick out the perfect lawn mower for your lawn care needs. If you are wondering how to keep your grass lush and green during the summer, read on for some handy seasonal lawn care tips.

    Water Regularly
    One of the essential steps of summer lawn care maintenance is to water your lawn on a routine basis. In order to keep your lawn healthy during the hot summer season, you will need to provide your grass with a minimum of one inch of water every week. If your lawn receives less than an inch of water, it may begin to dry out.

    Mow Carefully
    Along with regular watering, it is important to keep your lawn healthy with routine watering. By contacting a company offering equipment rental near you, you should be able to pick out a mower that is perfectly suited for your lawn care needs. Depending on the species of your grass, you should keep your blades trimmed to about three inches.

    Fertilize Wisely
    Proper fertilization is the final step of summer lawn care. The best time to fertilize your lawn is at the very beginning of the summer months. Fertilizing during the peak of summer could make your lawn more vulnerable to heat and sun damage.

    For help with all of your lawn care needs, be sure to contact A Tool Shed at (800) 286-6574. We proudly provide the San Jose area with rental equipment , and we also offer tool rental for all of your household projects. If you are in need of equipment rentals for your yard, do not hesitate to give us a call.

  • What Are the Most Useful Tool Rentals?

    If you are a professional contractor with a thriving business, owning your own power tools is an absolute necessity. However, if you a DIY type of person, you will most likely need no more than a few standby tools such as a reliable power drill, a circular saw, a power sander, and a reciprocating saw. For projects that require specialty tools, save your money by getting those tools for rent in San Jose , especially if you don’t plan to use them more than a few times a year. Here are some highly useful tools you should consider renting.

    power auger for rent - a tool shed

    Power Auger

    If you are replacing a fence, installing a gate, or constructing a deck, don’t break your back by using a manual post-hole digger. Power augers are extremely efficient and useful tools that can get the job done in a fraction of the time. They come in a one- or two-person version, or as a skid-steer-loader attachment. Ask your tool rental professional to recommend the appropriate power auger for your project.

    Tile Cutter

    Are you getting ready to install a kitchen backsplash or a bathroom floor by yourself? If so, you’ll need a tile cutter. These devices come in a range of styles and prices, depending on your needs and the kind of material being cut. The advantage of renting a tile cutter is that you can get a high-quality machine that can cut through any tile material—from porcelain to thick marble—for a fraction of the cost of buying one of these machines new or even used.

    Commercial Paint Sprayer

    Painting your home with a brush or a roller can be time consuming, labor-intensive, and messy. Commercial paint sprayers make painting a breeze. Not only will the coats of paint be uniform, but they will also require less physical energy to apply.

    Here at A Tool Shed Equipment Rental in San Jose , we are committed to providing our customers with high-quality tool rentals. And for those who are looking to buy tools and equipment, we offer an excellent selection of new and used tools for sale. Give us a call at (877) 890-2963 for more information.

  • What Are the Types of Air Compressors?

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    An air compressor is a device that compresses atmospheric air and stores it within a holding chamber until it is needed. If you head over to your local San Jose equipment rental store, you will find that there are several types of air compressors available for rent. But which kind of air compressor is right for your needs?

    Essentially, there are three types to choose from: reciprocating, rotary screw, and rotary centrifugal. They work by using either positive (reciprocating and rotary screw) or negative (centrifugal) air displacement, and can deliver low, medium, or high pressure. These types of machines are further distinguished by whether they are air-, water-, or oil-cooled, and by the method in which they are powered—i.e., electric motor, steam, diesel, or gas.

    Since 1945, A Tool Shed Equipment Rental has strived to provide our customers with the best tools and rental equipment in Northern California and the Bay Area. Give us a call at (877) 890-2963 to learn more about the different types of air compressors we offer and any other of our power equipment rentals in San Jose.