• What Is a Dehumidifier?


    Humidity is a part of life regardless of where you live, but some areas are more prone to high levels of humidity than others. Fortunately, there is a tool that can help control humidity in your home or business.

    When humidity occurs inside the home, the discomfort it causes is amplified. High indoor humidity can also affect your health, attract certain types of bugs and pests, and even affect the integrity of the structure of your home. Many people who experience humidity inside their homes choose to purchase a dehumidifier. This is a machine that removes moisture from the air in order to achieve a comfortable level that does not pose problems. Once the dehumidifier collects a significant amount of water, it can either be dumped out or evacuated through a pump or drain.

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  • Learn the Perfect Technique for Lighting a Charcoal Grill

    There are several different techniques for lighting a charcoal grill, but some are much easier than other. Watch this video to learn the perfect technique for lighting a charcoal grill.

    The most popular way to light your charcoal grill is by using a charcoal chimney. Pour lump charcoal into the chimney and then loosely wad a few pieces of newspaper and place them under the chimney. Light the newspaper using a match or a handheld blowtorch, and then the chimney will do the rest of the work. In about 20 minutes to a half hour, you will have nice, clean charcoal that you can add to your grill in order to begin cooking. 

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  • How to Refinish Hardwood Floors

    Do it yourself

    Refinishing your hardwood floors may seem like an overwhelming task, but with the right equipment and the right knowledge, the task becomes much easier—even for the inexperienced do-it-yourselfer. Keep reading for an overview on how to refinish hardwood floors, and where you can get the tools and equipment you need to complete the job like a professional.


    Before you begin you must determine which tools you will need for the job. Discuss the pros and cons of different sanders with your local equipment retailer. While at the equipment retailer, purchase a substantial amount of sandpaper. After completely clearing off the hardwood floor, be sure to seal off any doorways and vents inside the room to prevent dust and wood particles from getting all over your home.  


    Once your floor has been prepared for refinishing, the first step is to begin sanding. You should start sanding with coarser grains, using 20- to 40-grade sandpaper. As you cover the entire surface of the floor, gradually switch to finer grains until you finish the last coat of sanding with 100- to 120-grade sandpaper. If you are new to using a sander, it is important to remember to always keep the sander moving; if you hesitate for too long in one spot, you may end up with an uneven finish.

    Staining and Polyurethane

    Limit yourself to one coat of stain so that the floor comes out looking even and dries within a reasonable amount of time. Be sure to wear rubber gloves when you apply your coat of stain. Contrary to staining, you can add a few layers of polyurethane. Be sure to use applicators that are as clean as possible so your floors will not be left with bubbles due to dust or loose hairs. Depending on what type of polyurethane you use, you may have to wait up to a week to replace your furniture.

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  • The Benefits of Renting vs. Buying Tools

    Whether you’re a professional contractor, a handyman, or a homeowner interested in taking on a few projects around the house, you need the right tools to get the work done efficiently and accurately. Purchasing tools can be an expensive venture, and cost-prohibitive for experienced professionals and beginners alike. The next time you have a project that requires special equipment, consider the many reasons why it makes more sense to rent tools rather than buy them. Tool rentals allow you to select exactly what you need at a fraction of the cost of buying tools. You’ll get the newest, highest-quality equipment, without having to worry about repairs, maintenance, or storage. Just use what you need and then take your rental tools back. Check out this infographic to learn more about the benefits of renting tools in San Jose. Feel free to share with your friends and fellow do-it-yourselfers! 


  • Spotlight on Our Trailer Rental Options

    Truck and Trailer

    If you need a trailer for an upcoming vacation or project, you may find it more practical and financially sensible to get what you need at an equipment rental shop, rather than buying a new trailer that you may not use much. At A Tool Shed Equipment Rentals, we offer a wide range of trailers at 4-hour, daily, weekly, and monthly rates. We have 5’ x 10’ and 5’ by 12’ trailers, as well as equipment trailers with dual and single axles, firewood trailers, 500-gallon water trailers, car trailers, and tow dollies. We have dumping trailers with 5,000 and 7,000-pound capacities. We also rent slide-in hitches and folding ramps.

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  • Lawn Mower Safety Tips

    Protective Lawncare Equipment

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that more than 230,000 people were medically treated for lawn mower injuries in 2012. To reduce the risk of injury, experts say it’s important to take precautions when operating a lawn mower and other power equipment . Here are some of the most important lawn mower safety tips.

    Use a Safe Lawn Mower

    Only use a lawn mower that is well maintained. An improperly lubricated lawn mower with dull blades is a recipe for failure, and could put your safety at risk. Furthermore, be sure that the lawn mower you use has a control that stops the blade if the handle is released.

    Prepare to Mow Safely

    Always wear proper clothes and gear while mowing. The most important things are gloves and sturdy shoes. Before you start mowing, make sure that your children and pets know to stay away from the mower while it is in use. Before you mow the lawn, remove stones, toys, and any other objects that could become airborne and injure somebody.

    Tips for Riding Mowers

    When starting the engine of a riding mower, be sure you are sitting securely in the driver’s seat. Always mow up and down slopes that have an incline of more than 5 degrees, rather than mowing across them, and be sure to go slowly to prevent tipping. Never operate a riding mower if the slope is greater than 15 degrees. Stay alert when operating a riding mower to avoid running into holes, ditches, and obstacles.

    Tips for Walk-Behind Mowers

    Unlike riding mowers, it’s best to mow across a hill, not up and down it, to avoid injuries when operating a walk-behind mower. Always keep the mower flat on the ground, and shut off the engine immediately if you hit something. Shut off the engine when adjusting blade height.

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