An Overview of Some Essential Plumbing Tools

Plumbing Tools San Jose

If you need to take care of a clogged drain or toilet in your plumbing system, you may need to use more than just a plunger. There are other tools that will be necessary to tackle tough clogs, and renting tools is a great way to finish a job without spending a fortune on new tools. You should consider calling a tool rental company today if you need to get your hands on tools for a plumbing project. Here are just a few of the types of tools that will be made available to you.

Have you tried to use a plunger to unclog your toilet but been unsuccessful? The next tool you should try to use is called an auger. It will allow you to maneuver your way down into your toilet in order to take care of a stubborn clog. You can feed the auger down into your toilet and unclog whatever has become lodged in your toilet. It’s a basic tool that many plumbers rely on, and you can get one by renting tools today. In just a few minutes, you can take care of a clogged toilet on your own.

Pipe Wrenches
Do you need to replace a pipe in your plumbing system? It can be difficult to move pipes without the use of a heavy-duty pipe wrench. The problem is that the average homeowner doesn’t really have a regular need for a pipe wrench. With that in mind, you should hold off on buying new tools like pipe wrenches and rent them instead. It will allow you to move any pipe in your home.

Slip-Joint Pliers
When you are doing any sort of plumbing job, you will often have to remove large nuts from pipes found throughout your home. Slip-joint pliers make it easy to grip those nuts and loosen them so that you can remove or replace p-traps under sinks and other parts of your plumbing system

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