Basic Lawn Aeration Tips

Aeration improves soil drainage in your lawn for better absorption of nutrients. If your lawn seems worn, stagnant, and isn’t growing or looking as it should, aeration could be the solution for improved growth. A Tool Shed offers aerator and other lawn equipment rentals to help you on your way to achieving a greener, more beautiful lawn.

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When to Aerate

If you notice that your lawn is dry shortly after a rainfall or that water seems to run right off the top layer of your soil, it could benefit from aeration. If puddles form after watering your lawn, this is another sign that the ground is not absorbing moisture as it should. Worn areas, particularly where there is a high amount of foot traffic, also signal the need for aeration to improve nutrient content and growth in these parts of your lawn. If you park vehicles or construction equipment on your lawn, the soil in these areas can quickly become compacted and will also benefit greatly from aeration.

How to Aerate

Aeration is a two-step process. First, small holes are punched into the dirt, then these holes are excavated to allow air and water to penetrate the soil. The easiest way to aerate your lawn is to rent a core aerator machine. This piece of equipment will punch holes and pull up the contents in small, cylinder-shaped “plugs” as you move it over your lawn. Core aerators are the most effective equipment for the job; other aerators punch holes but do not remove the cores, doing little to improve soil quality. After aerating , you can either rake the cores into your soil or leave them to disintegrate on their own.

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