Safety Rules for Using Your Drill

Powerful electric drill

A power drill is a tool that is commonly used for many construction projects. While power drills offer a great level of convenience, they are also extremely powerful and should always be used with the utmost caution. If you will be renting a drill for your next construction project , here are some essential safety rules that you should be careful to follow.

Dress Appropriately
When using a drill , you should be sure to dress in the appropriate attire. Never wear loose or baggy clothing when operating a drill. Any hanging clothing can become trapped in the moving parts of the drill. Additionally, you should always wear safety glasses when operating a drill. Proper eye protection will prevent debris from entering and damaging your eyes.

Use Caution When Drilling
It is important to use caution whenever you are operating a drill. When you are carrying the drill, make sure that your fingers are away from the trigger. When the drill is in use, always operate the drill using both hands. Before drilling, make sure that you are not in contact with any live electrical wires, wet areas, or explosive gasses. After you have finished drilling, the drill bit will be extremely hot and can cause burns if it is touched.

Inspect Regularly
Before using the drill, you should always inspect the condition of the tool. If you notice that any components are loose, damaged, or broken, the drill is not safe for use. Make sure that the drill is fully repaired and operational before you turn it on. 

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