Deciding if You Should Rent or Buy Equipment

Tool Rental San Jose

Are you ready to take on your next DIY project, but you're short a few necessary tools? When deciding if buying or renting equipment makes more sense, here are a few factors that you should consider.

First, how often do you plan to use the equipment? If you only have 1 or 2 jobs that you can imagine using the particular tool for, then renting is probably the best choice. Next, consider space. Do you have enough room to add this equipment to your shed or garage? Finally, think about cost. Renting can be far more economical, especially if you're only planning to use the equipment a handful of times. Also, keep in mind that some types of equipment require maintenance, which will add to their cost of ownership.

Whether you need new tools or equipment rentals, come and see us at A Tool Shed Equipment Rentals. We have 7 locations that provide tools and equipment for rent near San Jose. To find out more about our services and locations, please give us a call at 1-800-286-6574.

Using Your Circular Saw to Build a Handy Utility Cart

Have you ever wished that you had a more convenient way of moving your tools around your workshop during a project? If so, then you may benefit from having a utility cart at your disposal.

Watch this video to see a handy utility cart being made using a circular saw and plywood. This cart will sit on 4 wheels, and it will have 2 shelves and a handle.

Are you interested in tools for rent in San Jose? If so, then look no further than A Tool Shed Equipment Rentals. We offer equipment rentals as well as new and used tools for sale. To learn more, please call us at 1-800-286-6574.

Helpful Tools for the DIY Mechanic

Tool Rental San Jose

Automotive maintenance is an unavoidable aspect of car ownership. Rather than bringing your car in for costly repairs at a service center, you may want to tackle some maintenance procedures in your home garage. A company that specializes in tool rental can help you pick out the right equipment for your upcoming home car maintenance project. Read on for a review of some car tools that every DIY mechanic should have on hand.

Car Jack
In order to perform any repairs on the underside of your vehicle, you will need to elevate your car above the pavement. A car jack will allow you to reach those out-of-the-way areas during your repairs. As you are choosing a car jack for your next project, you will want to make sure that you pick out a device that is rated for the weight of your vehicle. A jack that does not have a high enough weight rating could pose a safety danger during your procedure.

Torque Wrench
Many of the internal components of your vehicle are fastened together with durable screws. When you are changing your oil, swapping out your spark plugs, or performing other basic procedures, you may need to loosen these screws. A torque wrench will allow you to unfasten a variety of screws, without straining your hands or arms.

Oil Drain Pan
Spilling oil or other automotive fluids on your garage floor could leave a permanent and unsightly stain. In order to protect your concrete floor from the dangers of a fluid spill, you will want to make sure that you have an oil drain pan handy at all times. The unique size and shape of this pan allows it to safely capture any fluids that may drain from the underside of your vehicle.

For help choosing tools for your automotive repair project, contact A Tool Shed by calling (800) 286-6574. As a leading San Jose tool rental company, we can provide you with all of the equipment that you need for your car maintenance. We look forward to providing you with quality equipment rentals for your home workshop.

Signs You Should Buy Your Tools

Tool Rental San Jose

When you embark on a home improvement project, you will have the option of renting or buying your tools. While tool rental may be a convenient option for the occasional project around the house, you may eventually want to consider investing in your own set of new tools. To determine whether you should purchase your tools, you will want to think about how frequently you perform improvement or building projects. If you are constantly working around the house, you can save time, energy, and money by purchasing, rather than renting, your tools.

Once you are ready to invest in quality tools, do not hesitate to get in contact with A Tool Shed. We offer both new and used tools for sale in San Jose, and our sales team can help you pick out the right equipment for your project. For more information about our tool rentals and sales, call (800) 286-6574 today.

Preparing Your Yard for the Fall

Tool Rental Campbell

As the days grow cooler and crisper, it is hard to deny that fall is on its way. During the change of the seasons, you will want to make sure that your lawn and landscaping are prepared for colder temperatures, shorter days, and increased rainfall. A company that offers tool rental in your area can provide you with all of the equipment that you need to take care of your yard in preparation for the fall season. Let's take a look at some essential tips to keep in mind when you are getting your yard ready for the fall.

Mulch Perennial Plants
Mulch can be used to protect the delicate root systems of plants during the chilly fall season. When you mulch a tree or shrub, you can use organic materials, such as wood chips or compost. In order to ensure that your mulch fully protects your plant, you will want to add an extra layer of mulching material around the base of its trunk.

Replace Warm Weather Flowers
The summer season is a great time to grow flowers in your backyard. However, as outdoor temperatures cool off, your heat loving flowers will quickly die off. As you are preparing your yard for the fall, you may want to plant flowers that love cool temperatures. Some great fall flowers include asters, goldenrod, and Russian sage.

Fertilize and Mow the Lawn
Your lawn may require extra attention during the months of fall. To keep your grass looking green and healthy, you will want to fertilize your lawn at least once before the start of the fall season. Regular mowing can also help to keep your lawn healthy throughout the coming months.

When you embark on a landscaping project this fall, be sure to make a visit to A Tool Shed. Our San Jose equipment rental company offers the new tools and tool rentals that you will need to perform a variety of tasks around your backyard. To schedule a yard equipment rental for your property, give us a call at (800) 286-6574.

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