A Look at Our Propane Sales

Renting your tools and equipment can save you time, hassles, and repair costs down the road. At A Tool Shed, not only do we carry a wide variety of equipment for rent, but we also supply propane to keep your machinery fueled while you get the job done.

If you're starting a new project, the experts at A Tool Shed can evaluate your need and help you determine the best tools and equipment for the task, and how much propane you will need. Our propane and propane tank purchase options include:

  • Propane tanks – 100lbs (25 gallons).
  • Propane tanks – 30lbs (7 gallons).
  • Propane – by the gallon.

A Tool Shed can provide you with the propane and equipment for rent in San Jose that you need to complete your next project. We have seven convenient locations throughout Northern California and should be your first stop for all of your equipment and tool rental necessities. To find out more about our services, call us today at 1-800-286-6574.

Understanding the Building Demolition Process

When you're ready to get rid of an old or decaying eyesore on your property, such as an unused shed or dilapidated garage, you'll need to understand the demolition process so your project can be completed safely, successfully, and legally. Before pulling out your tools, you'll need to plan, prepare, and get permits for your building demolition.

Plan Your Demolition

Several factors affect the process of a building demolition, and to get started, a demolition company will assess your needs so they can develop a project plan. Your goal is to remove the building in the safest and most efficient way possible, and the plan will include how the demolition will be done and what equipment will be used to do it. Some of the different demolition methods available include deconstruction, implosion, excavation, and selective demolition. Your demolition plan will also consider how much debris will result, how it will be dispersed, and how long cleanup will take.

Get Permits and Prepare the Site

Because buildings alter the landscape around them and can have an effect on surrounding properties, the site will need to be assessed before any demolition can begin. After making a plan, your demolition company will obtain any necessary permits and then the site can be prepared. Preparing the site involves cleaning out anything that's inside, removing any utilities that run to or through it, and addressing any hazardous materials that may be present.

Building Demolition

Once you've planned, prepared, and obtained permits, the demolition can begin. If the previous steps have been carried out properly and professionally, your building demolition should be completed safely and quickly. Where an old, and possibly dangerous, building once stood, you'll soon have a cleared space to do with as you please.

For all of the tools and equipment to take on your demolition project, contact A Tool Shed at 1-800-286-6574. We carry a wide selection of quality equipment for rent in San Jose and at our seven locations in Northern California.

Lawn Mower Safety

When it comes to backyard safety, lawn mowers are tools that need to be correctly used to avoid accidents and injuries. Watch this video to learn about lawn mower safety. When it's time to mow your lawn, always start by removing and sticks, stones, or other objects that could be caught in the blades. Also, wear long pants and closed-toe shoes, and children should never ride as passengers on riding mowers or be towed behind.

It's vital to read your lawnmower's safety manual to understand how to operate it properly and to know where its safety features are located. A Tool Shed specializes in rental equipment and tools for rent in San Jose. To learn more about our products and services, call us today at 1-800-286-6574.

Yard Maintenance Tips for the Spring Season

Springtime weather and temperatures can be unpredictable, but one constant you'll find year after year is that spring is cleanup season. Tool and equipment rentals peak in March, April, and May, and with good reason: Ensuring a beautiful lawn and garden until winter begins with spring yard maintenance. You can use these tips to get started.

Pruning Trees and Shrubs

After a long, harsh, cold season, your landscaping is bound to have dead material in need of trimming. With pruners in hand, walk your property and keep an eye out for signs of frost damage on your trees and shrubs. For the best results and to stimulate new spring growth, trim back dead branches until you reach live stems. When grooming your hedges, use hand pruners rather than electric shears to cut the branches in a more natural way to allow air and sunlight to reach the shrub's interior.

Perennial Maintenance

To keep your perennial grasses and flowering plants in good condition, be sure to prune them back in the spring to allow new growth. Reduce your ornamental grasses to about 2-3 inches, and your flowering perennials to a height of 4-5 inches for optimal results. Once the soil has thawed, you can start thinning out crowded perennials by digging them up, dividing them, and leaving about three stems per clump.

Practicing Composting

There's no other time that you're likely to have as much yard waste as you will in the spring. Composting is an excellent way to dispose of your leaves, grass, and branches, and you'll also get a nutrient-rich soil additive for your efforts. Collect your yard waste into a pile, leaving out any weeds, and corral it in using a few sections of wire fence. For faster decomposition, chip branches and shred leaves into pieces no larger than ½".

For a broad range of high-quality tool rentals and equipment for rent in San Jose, contact A Tool Shed at 1-800-286-6574. We have seven locations throughout Northern California to provide you with the tools you need for your next weekend project.

All About A Tool Shed

When it comes to taking on new projects and home improvement jobs, renting the tools and equipment that you need not only helps you keep your garage clean and organized, but can also save you money.

To find a broad range of equipment and tools for rent, visit us at A Tool Shed Rentals. From flooring tools and forklifts to generators and grinders, we can provide what you need to get the job done. Our competitive pricing and expert service make us the go-to company for equipment rental. The rental specialists at A Tool Shed Rentals can give you advice and recommendations about how to complete your home improvement projects.

A Tool Shed Rentals has seven locations serving Northern California. We have the tools and equipment that you need to complete your projects and should be the first stop for your San Jose tool rental and equipment needs. Call us today at (800) 286-6574 to find out more about our products and services.

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