Your Guide to Using a Post Hole Digger

When you're installing a fence and seeking tools for rent in San Jose, a post hole digger could be among your most valuable tools. Before you start, evaluate the soil's thickness to determine whether a manual or electric digger would work best. Measure and mark where each hole should go so that the posts properly aligned. If possible, dig soon after a rainfall; the moistened ground will make things easier.

Puncture the soil by dropping the digger straight into the ground with its jaw open. Lift and drop the digger several times around the same spot until the hole is spread to a foot in diameter, then work the digger further into the ground. Brace the dirt within the jaws of the digger and set aside in a pile, several feet away. Keep plunging until the hole is at least a foot deep. To support a 4-ft.-high post, you'll need a 1-ft.-deep hole; for an 8-ft.-high post, you'll need a 2-ft.-deep whole.

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Replacing a Tile Floor

When the time comes to remodel a bathroom, the replacement of old tile is usually one of the first steps. Whether you're replacing the tile because it's worn out or you just want something new, you should make sure you have the right tools before commencing with the following steps.

Remove All Fixtures

Whether or not you stick with the same toilet, sink, and vanity as before, they should at least be temporarily removed for the retiling process. Having those things out of the way will prevent them from being damaged during retiling; it will also give you more room to un-tile and retile, and it will make it easier to lay tile under those fixtures. If the bathtub is going to be replaced, remove it before you commence with retiling.

Remove the Old Tile

Before you lay the first of the new tiles, the old ones must be completely removed. A good place to start is at gaps in the tile, such as in the spot where the toilet usually sits. If the tile is stuck tight, use a hammer to crack and break it loose. A pry bar is good for pulling off larger sections. On an older floor with a mortar bed, you might need a sledgehammer to cut away at both the tile and mortar before everything can be cleared away.

Prepare the New Tile

In some retiling projects, it's also necessary to replace the substrate with cement or fiberglass subflooring. Before applying mortar, arrange the new tiles onto the substrate to determine the right arrangement and fit for angled and corner pieces. Let the new tiles dry for 24 hours, apply the grout, and then let that dry for another 24 hours before walking on the tiles.

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Choosing a Standby Generator

Standby generators are useful tools for powering homes. When you seek generators for sale in San Jose, you should know about the two types: air-cool, which power 20kw—which accounts for the vast majority of American homes—and liquid-cool, which power higher.

Estimate how many utilities you'll want to run during an outage. Generators can be fueled either with natural gas or liquid propane. While it's easiest to use your home's existing power supply, you could also use a fuel storage tank. Installations and electrical connections should be all done by qualified professionals.

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A Tool Shed Helps with Eagle Project

A Tool Shed was happy to help Elias with his Eagle Project. We received the following note and pictures from him:
"Dear Robert Pedersen,

Thank you for your donation of the trencher rental. It really cut down the price and the duration of my Eagle project. I successfully earned Eagle rank. Attached are photos of what I did with the trencher.

Thanks again,

Elias Masri"

Way to go, Elias!

How to Extend Your Outdoor Living Space

One of the benefits of living in Northern California is the mild climate that allows you to enjoy your home's outdoor space almost year-round. While people who live further south are sweating in July humidity, Northern Californians enjoy warm mild breezes. While people in the Midwest are shivering in February chills, Northern Californians enjoy dining al fresco with only light sweaters for warmth. To make the most of your outdoor space, find the following equipment for rent in San Jose:

Barbecue Grills

To transform your everyday patio into a beautiful outdoor kitchen, a grill is essential. If you only host a barbecue once or twice a year, it is more cost effective to rent a grill rather than buy one as new equipment. Though many barbecue purists insist that charcoal provides a unique flavor, a propane grill is more convenient and will cook food that is just as delicious.

Tables and Chairs

When hosting large outdoor gatherings, it can be a challenge to seat everyone at a proper table. If you have a smaller space and do not wish to purchase a permanent patio dining set, you can rent tables and chairs for your parties. This ensures that all of your friends and family will have a comfortable place to sit and eat, and the day after your event you can simply return the table and chairs along with any other rental equipment.

Portable Generators

If you plan to have large speakers or lights at your outdoor event, you should consider renting a portable generator. If your property is large, this will be much more convenient than running dozens of yards of extension cords across your lawn to connect to your house's power grid. Also, you can avoid overloading your home grid by powering all your outdoor entertainment tools separately.

You can rent all the above items, and more, from A Tool Shed. Whether you need a propane grill or a jackhammer, contact us today to inquire about the new and used tools we have available. Visit our site or call us at (877) 890-2963 for more information.

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