How to Extend Your Outdoor Living Space

One of the benefits of living in Northern California is the mild climate that allows you to enjoy your home's outdoor space almost year-round. While people who live further south are sweating in July humidity, Northern Californians enjoy warm mild breezes. While people in the Midwest are shivering in February chills, Northern Californians enjoy dining al fresco with only light sweaters for warmth. To make the most of your outdoor space, find the following equipment for rent in San Jose:

Barbecue Grills

To transform your everyday patio into a beautiful outdoor kitchen, a grill is essential. If you only host a barbecue once or twice a year, it is more cost effective to rent a grill rather than buy one as new equipment. Though many barbecue purists insist that charcoal provides a unique flavor, a propane grill is more convenient and will cook food that is just as delicious.

Tables and Chairs

When hosting large outdoor gatherings, it can be a challenge to seat everyone at a proper table. If you have a smaller space and do not wish to purchase a permanent patio dining set, you can rent tables and chairs for your parties. This ensures that all of your friends and family will have a comfortable place to sit and eat, and the day after your event you can simply return the table and chairs along with any other rental equipment.

Portable Generators

If you plan to have large speakers or lights at your outdoor event, you should consider renting a portable generator. If your property is large, this will be much more convenient than running dozens of yards of extension cords across your lawn to connect to your house's power grid. Also, you can avoid overloading your home grid by powering all your outdoor entertainment tools separately.

You can rent all the above items, and more, from A Tool Shed. Whether you need a propane grill or a jackhammer, contact us today to inquire about the new and used tools we have available. Visit our site or call us at (877) 890-2963 for more information.

Reasons to Choose A Tool Shed

For your routine home maintenance or special renovations, you may be looking for equipment for rent in San Jose. With six locations across the city and surrounding areas, there is A Tool Shed near you that will have the items you need for all types of projects, from simple repairs to full-scale construction and contracting jobs. We have a wide inventory, ranging from tools for car repair to industrial-scale demolition equipment. Whether you're working on your engine or building a room addition on your home, you want a selection of different brands at affordable prices from a company you can trust. At A Tool Shed, we offer competitive rates with no sales tax or environmental fees, so you can keep your project within budget without compromising on rental equipment quality.

Our professional, friendly employees are always happy to help you figure out whether purchase or rental is best for you. Call us today at (877) 890-2963 to inquire about renting or purchasing the equipment you need for your project.

Should You Get a Backup Generator?

Many homeowners give little thought to their household electrical power use until fuses blow. The grids in older homes in particular may not always be able to handle the increased electrical demand of modern appliance usage. Rather than undertaking a costly rewiring project, you may prefer to use a backup generator. We have a variety of generators for sale in San Jose.

What Fuel Do Backup Generators Use?
The majority of backup generators are gas-powered. You should exercise caution when operating a generator, as you would with any type of tool or rental equipment. When the proper precautions are taken, gas-powered backup generators are very safe to use. Fill the tank with same care you would use while filling a gas-powered lawn mower or any similar power equipment.

What Types of Backup Generators Can I Rent?

There are two basic types of high quality generators: standby generators, and emergency portable generators. A standby generator is permanently installed between your home’s electrical grid and the utility grid, and it automatically provides electricity to your home in the event of an outage. An emergency portable generator is a smaller tool that you can connect as needed to provide electrical power in case of a blackout.

How Long Will a Backup Generator Power My Home?

Backup generators come in a variety of wattages and sizes, so their output varies greatly. A 2000-watt generator with a 1-gallon fuel tank, for example, can provide up to 15 hours of use. Generators with higher wattages often have larger fuel tanks to support their greater power output. If you want a generator that will power your home for an entire day, you will need a larger generators whose output is measured in kilowatts.

Whether you wish to purchase a generator as part of your San Jose earthquake readiness plan, or simply rent one for an event, A Tool Shed can help you find the equipment you need.Visit one of our six locations or call us today at (877) 890-2963 for friendly, professional assistance.

Angle Grinder Safety

If you need a small, handheld tool to polish, cut, or grind items, use an angle grinder. Featuring swappable discs of different materials and sizes suitable for a wide variety of operations, from sanding to cutting, angle grinders are among our inventory of tools for rent in San José. For longer projects, you may also wish to purchase this versatile power tool new or used.

Before using any power equipment or rental tool, you need to learn how to operate it correctly and safely. In this video, you will learn the basics of angle grinder safety. Wear a sturdy pair of goggles and thick work gloves, and follow the tips in the video to minimize the risks of injury when operating this type of power equipment.

For more information on using, renting, or buying an angle grinder, call A Tool Shed today at (877) 890-2963. You can pick your equipment up at any one of our six locations around San Jose.

Reasons to Have a Dehumidifier

Excessive indoor humidity, as is common in the San Jose area, can cause a variety of problems for your home and health. If you've noticed that your home shows signs of excess moisture, such as mold growth, a musty atmosphere, or respiratory issues, it may be time for you to buy or rent a dehumidifier. Here are some reasons why you will want to dehumidify your home:

Maintain Home Décor

Moisture can take a heavy toll on many elements of home décor. Wallpaper exposed to excess humidity will peel and sag. Condensation at the top of your walls will lead to unsightly drips. Moisture can be exceptionally problematic if you have artwork on your walls; if you wouldn't want it to get wet, you don't want it to be exposed to high humidity.

Preserve Function of Doors and Windows

Doors and windows that absorb the moisture in humid air will swell and wedge themselves into the frames. This can be frustrating to deal with, but it can also cause significant damage. The swelling wood will weaken joints and areas around screws and other hardware, and the added pushing and pulling that stuck doors and windows receive will shorten their lifespans.

Minimize Allergy Symptoms

High humidity can trigger or exacerbate allergy and asthma symptoms. If you or someone in your family has seemed more prone to allergy or asthma attacks, consider renting a dehumidifier to dry out your home. Drier air will allow your whole household to literally breathe easier.

Prevent Mold Growth

Mold thrives on moisture, so it is important to make sure that your home does not become too humid. Some types of mold can cause significant damage to the structure of your home, while other types can be hazardous to your health. For safety's sake, keep mold out of your home by using a dehumidifier to control moisture.

If you are dealing with excess moisture in your home after a leak or flood, A Tool Shed can provide you with a dehumidifier rental. We offer tool and equipment rentals at six locations in the Bay Area. Contact us online or call (831) 359-4769 to learn more.

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