Everything You Need to Know About Diamond Core Drill Bits

If you need to drill through hard surfaces, from stone to beach glass, shells, and pottery, then you need a diamond-core drill bit. Diamond-core drill bits use water inside the hollow part of the bit to keep it cool and allow it to keep drilling without becoming clogged with debris. These kinds of drill bits are expensive, but fortunately, you can add them to your equipment rental reservation instead of investing in them yourself. If you’re considering using a diamond-core drill bit on your project, here is what you need to know.  

What exactly are diamond-core drill bits? 

Although they may not sparkle like diamond rings, diamond-core drill bits get their power from the precious stone. The bits contain diamond powder, which adds extra strength, allowing them to stand up to extremely hard surfaces. The bits are hollow, allowing the centers to be filled with water. The water swirls around inside the bit when the drill is in motion, which keeps the bit cool so that it doesn’t overheat. The water is also helpful in reducing the risk of the bit getting clogged.  

What surfaces require a diamond-core drill bit? 

Diamond-core drill bits are recommended for surfaces that are too hard for regular bits. This includes ceramic, stone, tile, glass, potter, and some types of hard wood, such as hickory and hard maple. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t substitute a diamond drill bit for a standard bit on softer surfaces. The bit is too strong and will destroy soft materials.  

Are diamond-core drill bits hard to use? 

Diamond-core drill bits aren’t complicated to use, but they are different from standard bits. They grind holes into surfaces rather than cutting holes. This means that the drilling process takes longer. The biggest mistake people make is assuming the bit isn’t working because it takes longer than they are used to.  

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