Ladder Tips and Tricks

Knowing a lot about anything causes you to see it differently, and this applies to tools as much as anything else. Even a simple, everyday tool like a ladder can be safer as well as more functional and efficient when you use it properly. Keep reading and learn some ladder tips and tricks.

Rent, Don’t Buy
While it may be convenient to keep a step ladder on hand, chances are you do not need a larger ladder on hand every day. There’s no reason for frequently unused tools to take up space in your garage. With rental equipment, you can just give it back when you’re done with it. Plus, you can ensure that you have a ladder of proper height for every project. For example, if you need to get on the roof, the ladder should extend above the roofline so that you do not have to make a dangerous leap back down.

Three Points of Contact
Everyone should know their safety tricks when working with potentially dangerous tools and equipment. Falling off any ladder can result in serious injuries and damage. Remember to keep three points of contact on the ladder always. This means you should never have both hands or both feet off the ladder while you’re working. Just one hand and one foot doesn’t provide enough stability. Three out of four possible points of contact should always be made.

Avoid Electrical Wires
Where you set your ladder up is just as important as the way you use it. Look around for power lines and electrical equipment that you don’t want your ladder to interfere with. Find a clear space to erect your ladder to reduce the possibility of an accident.

There’s always more to learn about your tools, so read up on them before you go out looking for used tools for sale in San Jose. A Tool Shed has new and used equipment for rent and for sale, so call us at 1 (800) 286-6574 to learn more.