Your Guide to Measuring Tools

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When precision and accuracy are the keys to success, you’ll need measuring tools to make sure you’re on target. Measuring tools come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations, so think about what you need to measure when choosing your tools. In the meantime, keep reading for your guide to measuring tools.

Tape Measure
The tape measure is one of the most basic tools you can use, and you can find one in most houses. This is a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of situations and projects, but it is best suited for smaller scale projects. If you have a retractable tape measure, you can use the built-in leverage to measure objects and materials without a partner. Once you’ve got the measurement you need, simply roll the tape back into the measure and move on. You can even use a tape measure with a digital readout for extra convenience.

Long Tape
If you’re looking to measure a longer distance and a standard tape measure won’t cut it, then you might need a slightly different tool. In this case, you might need a long tape, which tends to be more appropriate for outdoor measurements. A long tape is essentially a wheel of measuring tape that you can unwind as you need. Use the handle to retrieve the tape back into the case when you’re done, and then loop the end of the tape around it to keep it secure.

Measuring Wheel
Sometimes even a long tape isn’t the right tool for your measuring needs. A measuring wheel will let you measure even longer distances, so it’s also appropriate for outdoor measurements. All you need to do is walk the wheel around like a wheelbarrow, and the machine inside will tell you the distance.

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