Safety Tips for Using a Jackhammer

If you’re thinking of taking on a new project, you may be wondering if you’ll need a jackhammer and how to use one. Equipment rental companies supply jackhammers and can help you determine if it’s the type of equipment you need. Before you begin, keep in mind these safety tips:

Understanding Jackhammers

Also called pneumatic drills, jackhammers are typically used to break down pavement, blacktop, and rocks. They are often used in construction, mining, and excavation, and for building foundations. Jackhammers use a motorized chisel to break apart hard surfaces and are controlled by two handles at the top end. These tools can be powered by air pressure, hydraulics, and electricity—electric jackhammers are usually favored for minor household projects.

Safety Precautions

Understanding how to use and control a jackhammer is essential for operating one safely. When you rent the equipment, speak with the rental tool specialist about proper technique and what precautions you should take. Before plugging in your jackhammer, ensure that all of its parts, including the electrical cord, are tightly secured and are in good condition. Once you’re ready to begin, be sure to use your legs and not your back to avoid injury when lifting and moving the jackhammer.

Safety Measures

When working, keep the electrical cord slung over your shoulder to prevent damage to the cord and possible electrocution. When operating the jackhammer, it’s essential that you wear the proper equipment, including steel-toe boots, a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, eye protection, and sturdy gloves. Keep the tool at an angle as you drill to maintain better control and to prevent the chisel from jamming, and always unplug the jackhammer when it’s not in use.

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