Spotlight on Earthmoving Equipment

Equipment Rental San Jose

When you need a large equipment rental, such as an earthmoving vehicle or attachment, it can be a confusing decision. Do you need a 3-ton excavator, or a compact track loader? The type of equipment rentals you need all depend on the job you have in mind.

There is a variety of earthmoving equipment, some used in demolition, and others for minor landscaping. If your project calls for extensive digging, you’ll probably need a backhoe loader or an excavator. These both come in different sizes with different attachments. For instance, the excavator has a 3-ton, 1.5-ton, and 1-ton option. You still have to sit in all of them, but the amount that they can excavate varies dramatically.

If your job calls for trenching, possibly for sewer or water lines, there are different trencher sizes. A few are small, so you can walk behind as you push them through the trench you’re creating. Others require a seated operator.

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