Lawn Mower Safety Tips

Protective Lawncare Equipment

The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that more than 230,000 people were medically treated for lawn mower injuries in 2012. To reduce the risk of injury, experts say it’s important to take precautions when operating a lawn mower and other power equipment . Here are some of the most important lawn mower safety tips.

Use a Safe Lawn Mower

Only use a lawn mower that is well maintained. An improperly lubricated lawn mower with dull blades is a recipe for failure, and could put your safety at risk. Furthermore, be sure that the lawn mower you use has a control that stops the blade if the handle is released.

Prepare to Mow Safely

Always wear proper clothes and gear while mowing. The most important things are gloves and sturdy shoes. Before you start mowing, make sure that your children and pets know to stay away from the mower while it is in use. Before you mow the lawn, remove stones, toys, and any other objects that could become airborne and injure somebody.

Tips for Riding Mowers

When starting the engine of a riding mower, be sure you are sitting securely in the driver’s seat. Always mow up and down slopes that have an incline of more than 5 degrees, rather than mowing across them, and be sure to go slowly to prevent tipping. Never operate a riding mower if the slope is greater than 15 degrees. Stay alert when operating a riding mower to avoid running into holes, ditches, and obstacles.

Tips for Walk-Behind Mowers

Unlike riding mowers, it’s best to mow across a hill, not up and down it, to avoid injuries when operating a walk-behind mower. Always keep the mower flat on the ground, and shut off the engine immediately if you hit something. Shut off the engine when adjusting blade height.

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