Getting the Most from Your Dolly on Moving Day

Moving day is tough enough without having to deal with a thrown-out back and sore arms. Make things easier on yourself by visiting a rental equipment shop for a moving dolly or two. If you’re moving heavy items up or down stairs, choose a dolly with inflatable wheels. Solid wheels work well for rolling heavy items on even surfaces.

Moving the Dolly

It’s a good idea to wear a pair of sturdy work gloves and steel-toed safety shoes when moving heavy items with a dolly. Once you’ve loaded up the dolly, make sure there’s a clear path for it to travel. If it’s a two-wheeled dolly, grasp the handles and tip it back toward your body. At the same time, place a foot on the crossbar to help it move. Push the dolly to its destination—never try to pull it. When you’ve reached the moving van, put a foot on the crossbar while lowering the dolly.

Stacking Boxes

Only stack a few boxes at a time on your hand truck. The stack shouldn’t be so tall that you have trouble seeing over the top. Also, make sure the box on the top is resting against the vertical component of the dolly. Otherwise, it will slide backward when you move the dolly. Place the heaviest box on the bottom of the stack.

Loading Appliances

Moving appliances is far easier when you have a hand truck. Disconnect the appliance from its power source and slide it away from the wall. Pick up the cords and wires, and tape them to the appliance to keep them off the floor. Load the appliance onto the dolly with the rear of the appliance facing you and the dolly. This distributes the weight more evenly so it’s easier to move. It also minimizes the risk of scratching the face of the appliance. Remember to secure this heavy load with a strap !

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