Choosing the Right Size Ladder

Many homeowners make the mistake of using a ladder that’s too short for the job. This is because they often choose a ladder size that’s just a little longer than the height of the work area. Remember that the ladder will be at an angle, not straight up. Fortunately, if you’re opting for equipment rentals, you won’t end up making a pricey purchasing error, even if you initially pick a ladder that’s too short.

As a general rule of thumb, choose a ladder that is seven to 10 feet taller than the highest contact point for the ladder. The contact point might be the roof line or wall. When choosing a ladder rental, remember that the tallest point you can climb to is four rungs lower than the top. At the equipment rental store, you should check the ladder’s duty rating. This rating is the maximum amount of weight the ladder can safely support. Select a ladder with a duty rating sufficient to support both your weight and the weight of any rental tools and supplies you’ll be carrying up.

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