A Guide to Nail Gun Safety

Nail guns can make your household project much easier and quicker than using a manual hammer. However, it’s important to remember that this tool can also be risky if not used correctly. Tens of thousands of nail gun-related injuries are reported every year in the U.S. Take the time to educate yourself about the safe use of these tools, and you’ll be able to complete your project without any incidents.

Know your trigger.

Nail guns that feature bumps or automatic triggers, also known contact trip triggers, may result in unintentional and unsafe discharge of the tool. If they are available, you should instead choose a nail gun that features a single shot or full sequential trigger. Additionally, avoid keeping the trigger squeezed when you aren’t actively nailing.

Inspect the tools and lumber.

Lumber that features knots, nails, straps, or hangers can cause the fired nail to ricochet, which can result in a serious injury. Always check the lumber for potential problems before working on it. Additionally, double-check your tool for signs of damage, and avoid using a tool that may malfunction.

Wear personal protective equipment (PPE).

Safety gear isn’t a substitute for following safe usage guidelines for nail guns, but it can help lessen the effects of an accident. Always wear safety goggles or glasses rated for high-impact protection. Since nail guns can be noisy, you should also wear hearing protection. Wear work gloves too. These won’t stop a fired nail, but work gloves can prevent your grip from slipping.

Know when to use a hammer.

As convenient and powerful as nail guns are, they can’t be used for every single nailing job. There is an increased risk of injury when nail guns are used in awkward positions, as the recoil and the tool itself are more difficult to control. Nailing in close quarters, toe-nailing, and nailing above the height of your shoulders are examples of situations that call for an ordinary hammer.

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