Hanging Drywall: The Tools That You Need

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Hanging drywall is a task that you may very well be able to complete without a professional, but you can’t get it done without the right tools in your arsenal. Some of these tools are specifically designed for drywall work, while others are used more routinely. Here’s a look at the tools that you’ll need to get the job done.

Drywall-Specific Tools
Certain tools that you’ll need for your drywall project are constructed for that particular purpose. You will need a hammer, saw, and screw gun, and all of these should be designed for drywall use. These tools are much like their generic versions, but they have a few small differences that make them most appropriate for working with drywall. For example, the head of a drywall hammer is slightly tapered, and a drywall saw has a pointed edge so you can break through the drywall before you start cutting.

Once you’ve acquired your drywall-specific tools, you might already own the rest of the tools you’ll need to hang your drywall. You will need 2 types of knives: utility and taping. It’s important to have a sharp utility knife so you can cut through the paper of the drywall. Then, you’ll need a taping knife in order to spread out the compound and keep it smooth. The specific type of taping knife you need depends on how far into the process you are.

Screws and Nails
You probably already assumed that you needed screws and nails to hang your drywall. There are countless different types of screws and nails, and you can in fact find screws that are meant for drywall projects. Use a screw gun if you’re using screws, and use a drywall hammer if you plan to use nails.

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