Top Tips for Painting Your Home Like a Pro

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With the right painting tools and equipment rentals , you can be on your way to painting your home as well as a professional would. Here, you’ll find tips on how to complete a pro paint job for your home.

Wait for good weather.
While the weather forecast may seem unimportant when it comes to painting the interior of your home, the high humidity that rain brings can cause your paint to dry slowly and drip more easily. Wait for dry weather to paint but, if you can’t, be sure to take your time as you work.

Use high-quality tools.
If you are taking on a major painting project for your home, then investing in high-quality painter’s tape, brushes, and roller covers should be considered essential. The low-cost brush and roll cover options frequently provide uneven coverage, and choosing a high-end tape can do a better job of sealing out paint. Additionally, consider buying or renting a paint sprayer to provide walls and corners with an even paint coating.

Protect your furniture and floors.
Anything that you don’t want to be painted should be protected before you begin. Use drop cloths and plastic covers over your floors and furniture. Also, line paint borders, such as along your ceiling and around door knobs, with painter’s tape. Finally, remove your outlet covers to ensure a professional look for your paint job.

Perform a wall preparation.
Take time to do a thorough visual inspection of your wall. Look for any spots that are peeling, cracked, or flaking, and lightly scrape or sand these areas. Next, clean any greasy areas with soap and water, and then wipe down the rest of your walls with a damp cloth to remove debris and dust. Finally, consider painting your walls with a separate primer if it’s been 8 or more years since your walls were last painted.

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