Understanding the Building Demolition Process

When you’re ready to get rid of an old or decaying eyesore on your property, such as an unused shed or dilapidated garage, you’ll need to understand the demolition process so your project can be completed safely, successfully, and legally. Before pulling out your tools , you’ll need to plan, prepare, and get permits for your building demolition.

Plan Your Demolition

Several factors affect the process of a building demolition, and to get started, a demolition company will assess your needs so they can develop a project plan. Your goal is to remove the building in the safest and most efficient way possible, and the plan will include how the demolition will be done and what equipment will be used to do it. Some of the different demolition methods available include deconstruction, implosion, excavation, and selective demolition. Your demolition plan will also consider how much debris will result, how it will be dispersed, and how long cleanup will take.

Get Permits and Prepare the Site

Because buildings alter the landscape around them and can have an effect on surrounding properties, the site will need to be assessed before any demolition can begin. After making a plan, your demolition company will obtain any necessary permits and then the site can be prepared. Preparing the site involves cleaning out anything that’s inside, removing any utilities that run to or through it, and addressing any hazardous materials that may be present.

Building Demolition

Once you’ve planned, prepared, and obtained permits, the demolition can begin. If the previous steps have been carried out properly and professionally, your building demolition should be completed safely and quickly. Where an old, and possibly dangerous, building once stood, you’ll soon have a cleared space to do with as you please.

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