Exploring Our Air Nailer Options

Pneumatic hammer

Also known as a nail gun, an air nailer is a tool that often comes in handy for the DIY homeowner or light construction specialist. Some applications for which air nailers are especially helpful include framing, fence work, and home woodworking. Since different tasks can be better carried out with specific types of air nailers, it is helpful to familiarize yourself with various air nailer models and the functions they serve and to rent the right tool for your job from an equipment rental supply store.

At A Tool Shed Equipment Rental in San Jose, we carry high-quality air finish nailers compatible with most common nail sizes. We also have air nailers designed specifically for roofing applications, air staplers, and air palm handlers that can help you get your job done with accuracy and precision. To find out which of our six convenient Bay Area tool rental locations is closest to your home or office, call us at (831) 359-4769.