Caring for Your Trees During the Winter

Planting a tree

Healthy trees are pretty tough, with many species having average life spans that are significantly longer than our own. Still, frost, freezing temperatures, and snow can threaten tree health. To keep the trees on your lawn in good shape throughout the winter so that they are full of vitality and ready to bloom with bounty when springtime arrives, obtain the necessary equipment and take the following tree care precautions before the next freeze arrives.

Water Your Trees

Trees do not require as much water during periods of dormancy as they do during periods of activity, but they should still be watered year-round. If it hasn’t rained in a while, give your trees some water to keep them hydrated.

Clip Deadwood

Winter is the best time of the year to prune a deciduous tree because its barrenness makes it easier to spot deadwood and poorly placed branches. Buy or rent some high-quality pruning shears, and trim parts of your trees that may otherwise hinder their health and growth.

Lay Down Some Mulch

Mulch acts as a form of insulation that shields tree roots from freezing temperatures. It also retains moisture, which can spare you from having to water your trees as often as you normally do.

Wrap Youngsters

Young trees are more vulnerable to temperature extremes and other threats than are mature trees. If you have any young trees on your lawn, wrap them with a plastic guard or tree blanket to protect them from the elements.

Winter tree care is important, and is best carried out with reliable, high-quality tree maintenance equipment. If you live in the San Jose area and do not own pruning shears and other tools that are necessary for winterizing your trees, visit one of A Tool Shed’s six convenient Bay Area locations . To enquire about our inventory or locate the A Tool Shed location nearest you, call (831) 359-4769. 

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