Renting Tools for Outdoor Projects: What You Need for the Job

Cordless Circular Saw

The fall season is the perfect time to finally start that home improvement or outdoor project you’ve been meaning to get to all year, whether it’s planting a tree or erecting a fence. When dealing with large projects, don’t hesitate to rent a piece of equipment up to the task. This small investment will pay major dividends in the long run.

  • For cost effectiveness, durability, and aesthetics, there is no better fencing material than vinyl. Learn about the many benefits of vinyl fencing from the American Fence Association.
  • If you decide that a chain link fence is the best option for you, here’s a guide on how to install one.
  • If you plan on planting trees this fall, be sure to do it the right way by following this expert guide.
  • Ditch Witch broke new ground with the invention of the machinated trencher. Read about the history of Ditch Witch and their production of innovative underground construction equipment by heading over to their website.
  • Give your rented power tools a little TLC by following this article from This Old House.

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