The Complete Guide to Polishing Your Car

If you want to keep your car looking as shiny as it did the day you drove it off the lot, then you have to polish it. Although car detailing companies do polishing as part of their services, you can do the same thing at home for much less by borrowing a polisher from an equipment rental company. Polishing your car once a year will keep it looking its best without compromising your paint job. Here is what you need to know to get the job done.  

Wash and Rinse Your Car 

Your car needs to be clean so that you can polish it. Choose a shaded area, and wash your car thoroughly. Rinse all of the soap off, but don’t dry it. It is best to wash your car by hand rather than running it through an automatic washer, which may not be as thorough and has a dry cycle.   

Polish Panel by Panel 

Before you start using the polisher, cover up any items nearby to protect them from spray from the tool. Be sure you are wearing clothing that can get dirty. Slightly dampen a polishing pod and apply it to the polisher. Put a polishing compound on one panel of your car—use enough of the compound to ensure that a moderate coating is in place. Turn the polisher onto medium speed and work on the panel, moving back and forth and being careful to avoid swirling or excessive pressure. Rinse the pad periodically to remove excess compound. Repeat the process on each panel of the car.  

Wash and Wax  

After you’re done polishing the car, wash it again, and this time, dry it completely. Wax the car using a foam wax pad, working the wax into the surface until there is only a haze left. Clean excess wax and polish from the windows using a microfiber cloth.  

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