Gardening Equipment That Every Homeowner Should Own

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If you recently became a homeowner, then congratulations on your investment! Now that you own property, it’s important to maintain it properly—and that goes for both your home and your landscaping. Keep reading to learn about some of the gardening tools and equipment that you should have as a homeowner.

A Lawn Mower
If you recently purchased a home with a lawn, then it should go without saying that you need a lawn mower. This type of equipment will be essential when it comes to maintaining the appearance and health of your lawn, and the right mower for you will depend on factors like your budget, the size of your lawn, and the type of terrain your property has.

A Wheelbarrow
Wheelbarrows are versatile pieces of equipment that can simplify yard maintenance. Using a wheelbarrow, you can transport heavy tools around your property, load up soil for a garden bed, or move plants to different areas of your garden during planting season. Using a wheelbarrow offers you convenience and can also save your back from the strain of carrying around heavy equipment and tools.

A Shovel
Whether you need to repair a fence, plant a tree, or till your garden, having a shovel on hand can help. Shovels come in many sizes and varieties. To get started, consider purchasing a round-point, long-handled shovel to keep at the ready in your tool shed.

A Rake
Affordable and versatile, rakes are useful tools that can be used for everything from cleaning up leaves and debris to smoothing out gravel and soil. Rake heads made of steel are durable and ideal for heavy-duty jobs, while ones made of materials like plastic or bamboo are more lightweight and easier to maneuver. Consider investing in one garden rake and one leaf rake when picking up your first set of gardening equipment.

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