Don’t Let Summer Storms Knock You Offline

In many parts of the country, summer brings severe storms in addition to hot weather. For this reason, backup generators are useful tools to have in your home appliance lineup. Whether you purchase a generator or borrow one from a rental equipment company, it makes sense to have an alternative source of power for your home in the case of an emergency.

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Generators provide electric power.

Your home’s electricity is what allows many of your electronics to function under normal circumstances. When the power goes out, you’ll be left without the use of ovens and microwaves, washers and dryers, indoor and outdoor lighting, and your desktop computer until the electrical lines in your area are repaired.

Generators allow you to cool your home.

When severe weather strikes and you’re left without power, you are likely to feel the effects of no air conditioning once the storm moves on. Without a way to keep your home cool in the summer, it can be incredibly uncomfortable, but also dangerous for the elderly or individuals with health problems. Having a backup power source helps to ensure that your family can stay cool in the heat until your electricity returns.

Generators can keep food fresh.

While it may not be the first issue you think about when the power goes out, the food stored in your refrigerator and freezer has only a short lifespan before the lack of electricity causes their contents to melt or rot. The number of perishable groceries that you have can add up to a significant amount which could be costly to replace, particularly if you have a large family. Having a generator prepared for emergencies can prevent you from having to toss out all of your perishable goods.

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