A Look at the Different Types of Generators

Despite their inconvenience, power outages can be made manageable with proper rental equipment. Like many other tools, a backup generator is indispensable when the power’s out. There are two types of generators: one which can almost instantly restore power to your entire home, and another that will keep only your most necessary appliances running during the outage. Though they function similarly, both types of generators possess unique characteristics. Before you look at generators for sale in San Jose, it’s important to understand some key differences:


Standby generators are permanent fixtures. Like their name implies, these generators sit in standby until they sense that the power has been cut from your home. When an outage occurs, a transfer switch automatically disconnects your house from its power line and connects it to your generator. The result is an almost instant restoration of power across your home. Many standby generators are powerful enough to keep all of your larger appliances—including your air conditioner, refrigerator, and water heater—running simultaneously. Standby generators connect to your existing natural gas or propane supply and only draw from it when active. Due to their complexity, they must be professionally installed.


Portable generators are much smaller than standby generators and provide significantly less power as well. They can only power a few appliances at once, but they can be easily stored in your shed or garage. Portable generators are fueled by gasoline and must therefore be used at a safe distance from your home. You can either run extension cables directly from your appliances to your portable generator, or you can have a transfer switch subpanel installed on your circuit panel. Connecting your generator to this subpanel will provide power to only the most vital circuits in your house. It is crucial that you use a reliable carbon monoxide detector when running a portable generator because its exhaust can be life-threatening indoors.

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