How a Rented Generator Can Help You During a Winter Power Outage

Emergency Generator

Unpredictable and unusual weather patterns have left the entire country trying to anticipate whatever is in store. Even with Northern California’s relatively mild winters, rain and flooding can cause power outages, so it’s important to be prepared. You can keep your property powered all winter long with a rented generator that helps you in the following ways:

Prevent Food from Spoiling Grocery shopping is expensive, especially if all of the food you buy goes to waste. The backup power you get from a generator will keep your perishable food from spoiling until the home’s main power returns. Food items in your freezer will also stay safe from thawing.

Keep Your Home at a Comfortable Temperature Large fluctuations in temperature can be incredibly uncomfortable. If you are used to relaxing in your home with the heat on, a power outage will cause a huge, unwelcome change. Rental equipment like a generator will allow you to keep warm even with cold winter conditions outside. While you still want to get the power restored as quickly as possible, a generator makes waiting a little more manageable.

Have a Reliable Light Source Even if you are not afraid of the dark, living without lights quickly starts to become an inconvenience. Without the potential danger of wandering around your house in the dark and lighting candles in every corner, you can continue to do what you need to do at home until the power is restored.

When unexpected situations leave you without power, A Tool Shed Equipment Rentals has generators that can help you. With six locations throughout Northern California, including San Jose, we make it easy to find equipment and tool rentals that help you become even more self-sufficient. For more information on our selection of rentals, please visit our website or call (831) 359-4769.