Painting Your Home’s Interior? Three Common Mistakes to Avoid

The painting girl

If painting your home’s interior is next on the to-do list, set yourself up for success by visiting A Tool Shed’s equipment rental store in San Jose . Once you’re equipped with an extension ladder, an acoustic or airless paint sprayer, and a drywall taper, be sure to avoid these all-too-common mistakes:

Applying Too Much Paint: With so many other household chores to tackle, the thought of applying one thick coat of paint and being done with the task is tempting. However, when you paint this way, you’re bound to encounter gloppy drips that create bumps on your wall. In order to avoid this unappealing look, dip your roller and spread a “W” shape across the wall prior to making overlapping strokes up and down. Doing so will ensure that your paint is evenly distributed.

Forgetting to Use Primer: Many people wonder whether primer is really necessary and the answer is a resounding “yes!” First and foremost, without primer, your paint will peel. Primer is formulated specifically so that the paint you have chosen will adhere to it. Consequently, you’ll have less work to do and less to worry about. If you need additional incentive, consider the fact that primer is ideal for color changes. If you’re planning on going from maroon to baby blue, a primer will hide the previous color in one coat.

Running Out of Paint: While this may seem like a no-brainer, even the biggest DIY enthusiast may run out of paint. Don’t face an unfinished wall and the excruciating task of finding the same exact shade of paint to complete the job. Even if you find paint marked as the same color, it may not be the same exact shade. Avoid this hassle by purchasing at minimum one gallon of paint per 400 square feet.

If you’re in search of the perfect rental equipment to carry out your next home improvement project, visit A Tool Shed at one of our six Northern California locations. For more information about our quality rentals, give us a call today at (831) 359-4769.