Make Deconstruction a Breeze by Renting Demolition Equipment from A Tool Shed


You embark on a remodeling project to enhance and enrich a space for your own enjoyment, but demolition can be just as much fun when you have the right tools. There’s just something about wielding a giant hammer that gets the blood pumping; it’s hard work, though, and some surfaces need the extra power of heavy-duty demolition equipment. Rent the demolition tools you need from A Tool Shed, offering northern California’s widest selection of rental equipment , including the following:

Demolition Hammer: You’ve seen construction workers use this kind of hammer to break up concrete, but they are useful in demolishing any type of hard surface. We offer three different degrees of force—35 lbs., 45 lbs., and 60 lbs.—for you to choose from based on the task at hand.  Operating a demolition hammer requires a strong grip and attention to safety. Here’s a tip: Start on the edges of a floor to avoid debris issues later.

Bushing Tool: Use a bushing tool attachment with your hammer in order to rough out, carve, or texture masonry, concrete, or asphalt. Bushing tools can also prepare a concrete or asphalt surface for resurfacing. This tool’s multiple tips spread out the force exerted onto the surface when you want to add texture or remove just a portion of the material. Pick one up at A Tool Shed; we’ll pay the sales tax.

Sledge Hammer: A sledge hammer is one of those classic multi-purpose, must-have tools for demolition. For jobs that don’t require the power of an electric demolition hammer, use a sledge hammer instead for more accuracy. Be sure to wear safety goggles, gloves, and a hardhat to stay safe from debris. Use proper form when using a sledge hammer to utilize the head’s weight and save your back from undue strain.

Take advantage of A Tool Shed’s  electric demolition hammers and tools by stopping in at one of our six convenient locations. Call us at (831) 359-4769 to learn more about how our 60 years of experience and outstanding inventory can provide you with the right rental tools for your project.

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