When, Why, and How to Use a Lawn Roller

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The condition of your lawn will have a major impact on the overall beauty of your property. If your lawn has started to appear lumpy or uneven, it may be time to rent a lawn roller from a company in your local area. Using a lawn roller, you can achieve the smooth and even lawn of your dreams. Read on for an overview of when, why, and how to use this type of tool on your property.

When to Use a Lawn Roller
A lawn roller is equipped with a large, rotating drum, which is used to flatten the surface of your turf. The best time to use this device is after you have initially planted fresh sod. Using this equipment on your new grass will help it to grow smoothly, right from the start. You can also repair a mature lawn by using a lawn roller right after you have watered your grass.

Reasons to Use a Lawn Roller
There are a few different reasons to use a lawn roller on your grass. Many homeowners rely on these tools to help push new sod down into the soil. The pressure of the roller will encourage the grass to grow more evenly. Your lawn roller can also be used to flatten out uneven sections around your yard.

How to Use a Lawn Roller
Using a lawn roller is similar to the procedure that is involved with using a push mower or other lawn tool. To use this tool, you will simply stand behind the rotating drum and use the handles to push the device forward. As you walk along your turf, you should follow an even pattern to create a lawn that is as smooth as possible.

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