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Summer is here! Get your yard and lawn ready with today’s deal at A Tool Shed Equipment Rentals -- $40 Worth of Equipment Rentals for only $20! Available at all 6 locations. (Campbell, Watsonville, Morgan Hill, Hollister, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz).

With six locations in Northern California, A Tool Shed Rentals should be your first stop for all your equipment rental needs! We have the tools and equipment to make your weekend or major project easier! When you need rental tools to get the job done, "Discover Service" at A Tool Shed!

A Tool Shed Rentals Inc. is your equipment rental solution for all your rental needs.  We have the rental inventory to help you get your job done quickly and easily.  You'll appreciate our large rental inventory and wide selections of rental tools available for the novice do it yourselfer to the experienced contractor.  Our equipment fleet has been built by the requirements of our customers from over 60 years of experience.  Rental equipment is our specialty with fast delivery services just a phone call away.  Our equipment rental specialists are courteous and knowledgeable and will help you select the right equipment for your rental needs.  We deliver small or large equipment and make it our first priority to get you the equipment when you need it.

Working on something new?  Give us a call, we will be happy to give advice, suggestions and referrals to make your project easier.  We maintain a large manufacturer training video stock that will help with the fine points of those new or seemingly impossible projects.  Come on in take a few minutes and let us show you a video on the piece of equipment you will be renting and we're sure you will be more comfortable with your decision to choose A Tool Shed as your equipment rental partner.


Did we mention NO SALES TAX?!  A Tool Shed Inc. never charges sales tax on rentals.  Environmental Fees?  We don't charge for those either.  Hook Up Fees?  Good question, not those either.  Take a good look at our pricing you'll quickly discover our great prices and we don't have all those extra fees that will easily send your equipment rental total up 10 to 20 percent with our competition.  We're sure that will make you happy.

A Tool Shed Rentals Inc. will help with all your equipment rental needs for any occasion and we are just a call away!

We Deliver 7 Days a Week

Mon-Sat: 7:00 am - 5:30 pm
Sun: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm 

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4th of July Celebration at A Tool Shed!

Small American Flags

Mark your calendars because we will be open July 4th from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

We will also be having an employee and customer BBQ at all locations from 11:00 – 1:00 pm.

FREE hamburgers, hot dogs and soda!

We look forward to seeing everyone out on the 4th. Happy Independence Day!

The Advantages of Renting Equipment for Your Next Project

Painting together

We’ve all seen it: A friend or relative’s work shed is overwhelmed with dusty equipment and tools. It’s a shame when such expensive and useful tools begin to rust, collect cobwebs, and lose performance over time. The tools are no longer the brand-new, powerful, and attractive pieces they once were when purchased. For this very reason, many DIYers and project managers prefer to rent equipment instead of buying it. This saves money and time while ensuring only the best tools are used for every project.

Saves Money

While purchasing high-performance equipment and tools often sets you back hundreds of dollars per unit, renting is a much more budget-friendly option. A quality equipment rental company lets you rent items on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis and without the added cost of sales tax, saving you money in the process. Some DIYers use the extra funds to upgrade to higher quality paints, finishes, nails, doorknobs, fixtures, flooring, and other items.

No Repairs Down the Road

Everyone likes the look of a shiny new tool, but every tool will need maintenance and repair at some point. Owning an expensive piece of equipment means that you own its repair needs, too. Renting saves you this trouble because the rental company is responsible for the good condition and clean appearance of the tools it rents out.

Save Time

If you’re project’s success depends on a specialized tool and multiple handymen, having only one of that specialized tool can slow you down. Say, for instance, you need your crew to air-nail hardwood floors in two different rooms, but you only brought the one pneumatic air hammer you own. Don’t make your crew sit around waiting for their turn with the tool; rent additional tools to get your job done in half the time.

Take advantage of equipment rentals to spend less and do more on your next project. Visit A Tool Shed Equipment and Rentals for an amazing selection of high-performance tools and equipment for rent. With six locations serving San Jose, Campbell, Watsonville, Morgan Hill, Hollister, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz, we’ve got a Northern California location conveniently located near you. Give us a call today at (831) 359-4769.

Did You Know We Never Charge Sales Tax on Rentals! | Keep it in Mind Next Time!

TAX and Scissors (clipping path included)

A Tool Shed Rentals Inc. will help with all your equipment rental needs for any occasion and we are just a call away ! | (831) 359-4769

Essential Equipment Rentals for a Large Summer BBQ

Tailgating: Woman Grilling Bratwurst for Party

Nothing says summer like fun in the sun, cold beer, and barbeques. If you’re expecting a large crowd at your barbeque blowout, make sure your barbeque grill is big enough to handle everyone’s summer appetite. A small or medium sized barbeque simply won’t due for large crowds because you can’t cook enough food at once. Rent a big barbeque grill that is designed to feed large crowds to keep everyone full and happy at your party.

Towable Charcoal Barbeque with Rotisserie

Impress your guests when you roll in with this 33 ½” wide and 70” long charcoal barbeque in tow. It’s less than $100 to rent for the day and has enough surface room to fit massive amounts of meat all at once. Don’t forget that you can set your barbequing skills apart, as well, by using the rotisserie cooking feature. It’s best to tow this monster because it weighs around 800 pounds. Luckily, you can also rent the right hitch, ball, and shank for towing if you need to.

Flatbed Barbeque Grill on Rollers

If a tow-in barbeque isn’t practical for your event, check out the 2 x 5 foot barbeque grill. It’s less than $50 bucks to rent for the day and allows for open cooking over high heat. This is perfect for cooking large orders of chicken wings, breasts, and legs. It features a bay at the bottom to place your favorite fuel, be it mesquite, charcoal, or other.

Wood-Finished Banquet Tables

Unless you want people standing up all evening and fighting over chairs and table space, rent some banquet tables and folding chairs. Banquet tables are less than $10 each to rent per day and each one can seat large parties. They have a wood finish on top with a table surface of 30” x 96”. Folding chairs with a black finish fit perfectly around these tables, too, and can be rented for about a buck each.

A Tool Shed Equipment Rentals has all your big barbeque needs covered. We’ve got several large barbeque grills available for daily, weekly, and monthly rent, including those mentioned above. Unlike the competition, we don’t add environmental fees or charge sales tax on rentals. Visit one of our six locations around Northern California and San Jose today, or give us a call at (831) 359-4769.

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