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Basic garden tools do wonders for helping a garden grow, but some overgrown yards with bad soil call for more drastic equipment. When it comes to creating a lovely home garden, it’s out with the bad plants and in with the new. Use these pieces of gardening equipment to prepare your soil for fertilizer and to clear your yard of ugly brush growth.


A tiller makes preparing soil for planting a breeze. This piece of gardening equipment usually has two tines with four blades attached to each tine. With engine-powered tillers, the blades repeatedly turn and break up compact, weed-ridden, and rocky soil as it’s pushed along the surface of the land. Tiller’s come in various degrees of horsepower. The harder the soil, the more horsepower your tiller needs to break it up. A tiller with a horsepower rating of 1.1 will work well in small gardens, while a 16 horsepower hydraulic driver tiller is best for heavy-duty jobs.

Branch Chipper

A branch chipper helps you clear your yard and make room for your garden. Extremely useful for tackling a landscape riddled with fallen limbs, a branch chipper consists of an intake portal where branches are deposited and an output spout which spits out the branches into manageable segments. It’s wise to put a large trashcan underneath the spout to catch the chips. Use a 6-inch branch chipper for lighter jobs and a 9-inch commercial branch chipper for larger branches.

Heavy Duty Weed and Brush Cutter

If a seemingly invincible field of tall weeds and brush stands between you and creating a garden, it is time to bring in the heavy equipment. A self-propelled weed cutter plows overgrown weeds and brush with ease. It flattens the weeds as it goes, placing them in a perfect position to cut them down to size. Clearing weed and brush fields by hand takes hours, and even days, depending on the size of the area, but a self-propelled weed cutter makes short work of an overgrown yard row by row.

A Tool Shed Equipment Rentals has over 35 serious gardening tools and equipment for our customers to rent. Visit one of our six convenient locations today to get your garden under control and growing. Give us a call at (831) 359-4769 for more information.

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Working on something new?  Give us a call, we will be happy to give advice, suggestions and referrals to make your project easier.  We maintain a large manufacturer training video stock that will help with the fine points of those new or seemingly impossible projects.  Come on in take a few minutes and let us show you a video on the piece of equipment you will be renting and we're sure you will be more comfortable with your decision to choose A Tool Shed as your equipment rental partner.


Did we mention NO SALES TAX?!  A Tool Shed Inc. never charges sales tax on rentals.  Environmental Fees?  We don't charge for those either.  Hook Up Fees?  Good question, not those either.  Take a good look at our pricing you'll quickly discover our great prices and we don't have all those extra fees that will easily send your equipment rental total up 10 to 20 percent with our competition.  We're sure that will make you happy.

A Tool Shed Rentals Inc. will help with all your equipment rental needs for any occasion and we are just a call away!

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