Ditch Witch Trencher Safety

The first mechanized, compact trencher was invented in 1949 by Ditch Witch Power. This trencher immediately simplified the process of installing underground utility lines for electricity, gas, and plumbing, which previously relied on the manpower of picks and shovels. Today’s models lead the industry and have been proclaimed as one of the best American-made products in the world.

Safety should be your prime concern when operating a Ditch Witch trencher, and other construction equipment for rent at A Tool Shed. Watch this video for an in-depth guide to pre-work inspection, loading and transporting, preparation, potential hazards, and responsibility.

Find walk-behind and ride-on Ditch Witch trenchers available for rent at A Tool Shed, Northern California’s equipment rental solution. To learn more about safely operating a trencher or other piece of equipment, call our experts at (831) 359-4769 or visit one of our six locations.

So Many Types of Fences: Which One Will You Choose?

Wooden fence

Installing a perimeter fence is a great way to give you and your family security, privacy, and peace of mind. When deciding what type and material you want to use, remember to take into consideration your primary motivation for erecting the fencing in the first place. Use the following list of fencing materials to help you make the best decision; no matter which material you choose, don’t forget to rent equipment for proper installation.

  • Wood: This beautiful, traditional fencing material also requires the most upkeep; wood remains a popular choice and is often used for picket-, privacy-, and ranch-style fences. The classic picket fence looks great, but doesn’t do much to bolster security or privacy. A wooden privacy fence is perfect for when you are in close proximity to other houses.
  • Chain Link: If you are on a budget and are strictly installing a fence to act as a barrier, you can’t go wrong with chain link. Although they don’t offer much in the way of privacy or aesthetics, chain link fences are durable, secure, and come in varying heights. 
  • Wrought Iron: A wrought iron fence takes the durability of metal and combines it with the ornamental value of the picket style. If you’re aiming to keep prying eyes out of your yard, however, consider a privacy-style fence instead.
  • Vinyl: If you want the look of wood, the durability of metal, and low maintenance at a cheap price, consider using vinyl fencing. This material has become one of the most popular building materials used in home projects due to its cost effectiveness and longevity. 

Installing a fence can be quite the project. Be sure to pick up the tools you’ll need to get the job done correctly and efficiently. Rent one of the many auger options from A Tool Shed in Northern California to help you lay down posts. Visit one of our six convenient locations today or call us at (831) 359-4769 to learn more about your options for your home improvement projects.

October is Tree-Planting Time: Are You Ready?


It’s that time of year again, when foliage turns a wonderful golden color and the air carries a welcome crispness. If you live in San Jose or around the Bay Area, autumn also means light rain and mild weather, which makes it the perfect time for tree-planting. Rain will help the newly planted tree construct a healthy root system to support its foliage in the spring and survive the summer. Use this guide and the right rental equipment to give your sapling a healthy head start:

Preparation After you choose the perfect tree, finding a place for it requires some strategic thinking. Ask yourself where the sun shines most intensely and what area you want to be shaded. Choose a location at least 15 feet away from your home’s foundation and at least five feet away from any other surface structures. Before planting, rake up garden debris to keep insects and disease at bay.

Tools You won’t need to rent a heavy-duty excavator or a forklift for this job unless you’ll be planting multiple trees at one time, in which case, they’ll make your job much easier. If you want to keep it simple and only have one tree to plant, all you’ll need is a shovel and pick.

Planting Now for the fun! Dig a hole twice as wide as and slightly shallower than the root ball. If your sapling has been residing in a container, carefully lay the tree on its side and slide the container off. Lower the tree into the hole, being sure to position the tree’s roots spreading away from the trunk. Cover the opening with soil, leaving the top of the root ball exposed one inch above the surrounding soil surface. Pack the soil and stake the tree using tree ties to provide support.

With a little nurturing, your new tree will grow to provide shade and beauty for years to come. For all your lawn and garden needs, find the right tool for the job at A Tool Shed, serving San Jose, Campbell, Watsonville, Morgan Hill, Hollister, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz. Call us at (831) 359-4769 to learn more about our wide selection of rental tools and equipment at six convenient locations.

A Tool Shed Sponsors the Monterey Bay Youth Outdoor Day!

A Tool Shed is pleased to announce that we will be a Platinum Sponsor for this great event taking place in September!

Monterey Bay Youth Outdoor Day is a totally free event open to the public. Their focus is to get kids interested in the many outdoor activities that are right here in our back yard. With over thirty different organizations represented, there is something for everyone!

Their Next event is September 22, 2012

For more information, please visit the Monterey Bay Youth Outdoor Day Facebook page!

The Tools You Need To Take Care Of Your Home

Mowing the lawn

If you’re interested in finding more useful suggestions for maintaining your lawn, painting your interior, or throwing a barbeque, visit these helpful webpages. Once you’ve explored the resources below, contact A Tool Shed to rent equipment for all of these endeavors.

  • Overseeding your lawn with annual ryegrass will keep your yard green throughout the winter months—you can even rent a seeder from A Tool Shed to keep your lawn in top condition.
  • Are you looking for helpful painting tips to make your interior shine? Popular Mechanics provides five excellent suggestions for any skill level.
  • Painting requires great preparation and planning. Follow these interior painting tips to achieve great results. 
  • The first step in throwing the ultimate barbeque is renting the right equipment. Find out what else you need to do at AskMen.com.
  • You can keep your lawn green and healthy throughout the year by mowing. Here are some helpful mowing tips that will keep your lawn looking great. 

Visit one of our six Northern California locations or call us at (831) 359-4769 to learn more.

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