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When you choose to rent from A Tool Shed, you will have access to a variety of tools and equipment to help you complete home improvement projects, host barbecues, and landscape your property. You can save money and storage space by renting tools directly from A Tool Shed. Let's take a closer look at which equipment rentals can benefit your next project.

  • If you want to landscape your property, then A Tool Shed can supply garden tillers, axes, stump grinders, branch chippers, and lawn mowers. These essentials are the types of tools that you may only need once, so renting with A Tool Shed is the perfect way to use the tools and complete your landscaping.
  • When you are remodeling your home, A Tool Shed can provide the necessary tools and equipment. Saws, drills, and flooring nailers are just a sample of the home improvement tools carried by A Tool Shed.
  • If you are hosting a get together this summer, then rent a barbecue, tables, and chairs to make your event special without breaking the budget by purchasing all these supplies.

Trust A Tool Shed with your San Jose Equipment Rentals. We have everything you could need for any home project or gathering. Visit us online or call us at 1-800-286-6574 to see our selection.

Collecting the Right Tools Before Laying Sod

There are a few tools, such as a soil tiller, that are necessary when removing your old grass and laying down new sod. Let's take a look at the essential tools and equipment you need to make your yard look brand-new.

As you can see in the video, you should begin a sod-laying project with all of your tools on hand. If you have old grass and weeds, then you will need a sod cutter to slice off the top layer. Keep a wheelbarrow nearby to transport this old sod and bring in new, healthy soil. Use a soil tiller, rake, and shovel to mix your current dirt with new soil and fertilizer. Now you can lay down new sod.

Work with A Tool Shed for all equipment rentals and used tools for sale in San Jose. Call us at 1-800-286-6574 to get the right tools for your next landscaping project.

Reasons to Choose A Tool Shed for Your Next Project

When you are gearing up for a building renovation or home improvement project, you may be in need of tools and equipment that you do not have around the house. At A Tool Shed, we can provide you with quality rental equipment that will help you get the job done correctly. With our tools and services, you can ensure that you are properly equipped to perform any task. Read on to learn some great reasons to choose A Tool Shed for your next project.

Terrific Inventory
One of the best reasons to work with A Tool Shed on your next building job is that we carry a wide inventory of terrific tools and equipment. From hammers and drills to backhoes and tractors, we can provide you with the tools that you need to dig, demolish, build, or renovate. Our team will be happy to provide you with a tour of all of the equipment rentals that we currently have in stock.

Great Customer Service

When you work with A Tool Shed, you will also benefit from our commitment to customer service. Our team will provide you with friendly advice and tips on how to choose the right equipment for your project. We will also make sure that you are totally satisfied with the quality of your equipment rental.

Cost Savings

At A Tool Shed, we are thrilled to provide cost savings over our competition. When you rent our tools and equipment, you will benefit from paying absolutely no sales tax on your transaction. We also waive all environmental fees and hookup fees, so you will save on costs throughout your project.

Once you have decided that A Tool Shed is the right choice for your next project, give us a call at (800) 286-6574. Our company can provide you with quality San Jose equipment rental, and we also offer all the tools that you need to complete your tasks. We look forward to providing you with assistance in the very near future.

Stay Warm in Your Workshop with a Propane Heater

Tool Rental Campbell

If cold winter temperatures are keeping out of your workshop this season, it may be time to consider renting a propane heater. With assistance form a equipment rental company, you can pick out a propane heater that will keep your space warm and toasty, even when outdoor temperatures dip to near freezing. A propane heater is fueled by clean-burning propane that is easy and inexpensive to obtain. You can also rest assured that your propane heater will provide you with better safety features than a conventional electric space heater. When you rent a heater from an equipment rental company, you will be able to return the heater when the weather heats up.

For more information about your San Jose equipment rental options, contact A Tool Shed. Our company carries a range of equipment rentals, including high quality generators and heaters. To learn all about the heaters that are available at our seven locations, give us a call at (800) 286-6574.

Equipment that Homeowners May Need but Not Want to Own

Tool Rental Campbell

The spring season is right around the corner, and now is the time to start planning some seasonal improvement projects to perform around your house. When you embark on significant renovations or updates to your landscaping, you may want to consider renting equipment, rather than buying brand new tools. Equipment rental can save you significantly in the long run. Here is an overview of some equipment that homeowners may need for seasonal projects but not necessarily want to own.

Air Compressor
An air compressor is a powerful device that can be used to power many different types of pneumatic tools. When you are gearing up to perform significant renovations around the house, you may want to consider renting an air compressor. Rather than purchasing a bulky compressor and storing it in your garage, you can save space by renting this equipment when needed.

Pressure Washer
If you have started to notice that your home's siding is starting to look dirty or mossy, it may be time to pressure wash your house. Since you typically will only need to pressure wash your siding once or twice a year, you will want to consider renting a pressure washer only when it is needed.

Your yard and landscaping may need care and attention after the winter season. Homeowners who have large properties and lawns may need heavy duty equipment to perform lawn maintenance. When you are planning a major landscaping project, you may want to consider renting a tractor to help you easily access and improve all the various areas of your large property.

For more information about the benefits of equipment rental, be sure to contact A Tool Shed. Our company carries a great inventory of equipment for rent in San Jose, and we can provide you with the tools and equipment that you need to succeed during your next household project. To reserve tools and equipment for your upcoming renovation, give us a call at (800) 286-6574.

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