How to Stack Firewood with Rental Equipment from A Tool Shed Equipment Rental

Firewood is a key element to keeping warm during winter and early spring the natural way. If you are looking for advice on storing your firewood outdoors in a manner that will keep it perpetually dry and ready for use, then this helpful video clip was made for you.

A pallet or other elevated surface is necessary for homeowners who wish to keep their firewood dry and free of mold growth in the midst of Northern California rain. To rent equipment necessary for properly stacking your firewood, visit A Tool Shed in San Jose. To find out which of our six prime locations is nearest you, call (831) 359-4769.

What Rental Tools You'll Need to Prepare Your Yard for Spring Planting


Even though residents of the San Jose area are not subject to the harsh winters that people living in many parts of the country must endure, spring in Northern California is still an exciting time. Trees that have lain dormant for months regrow their leaves, and wildflowers sprout up everywhere from the roadside to residential backyards. If you do any gardening or lawn maintenance during spring and summer, the following tools can help you get your property ready for a successful planting season.

Rake A great first step to take toward preparing your garden for spring is to run a rake across its entire surface area. This is easy, it won’t take long, and it will make you feel accomplished, giving you the motivation you need to carry out other spring planting preparation tasks. You may be surprised at the volume of dead leaves and other winter debris items that has accumulated in your lawn and garden area this past winter.

Weed Eater Once you have cleared off the loose debris on your lawn, it is time to attack young weed growth before it gets severe enough to interfere with your planting efforts. The easiest and most effective way to go about doing this is with a piece of equipment called a weed eater.

Tiller Weeds are not the only threat to your planting efforts lurking in your lawn this winter. You can bet that thousands of insects have burrowed in your soil to avoid chilly temperatures they would be exposed to above ground. By tilling your lawn, you can force them to the surface, eliminating several pest populations and limiting the mating results of others.

Pressure Washer Working in a yard dotted with bird droppings and dirt-speckled trellises is less fulfilling than working in a yard that looks and feels pristine. Invest in a pressure washer to efficiently and thoroughly clean up the dirt and droppings that have accumulated on your garden’s fixtures over the past several months.

At A Tool Shed in Northern California, you can find all of the rental equipment you need to prepare your yard for a thriving spring growing season. With six convenient locations in San Jose and its surrounding communities, you shouldn’t have to go very far to check out one of our well-equipped showrooms. To speak with a courteous and knowledgeable member of our equipment sales and rental team, call (831) 359-4769.

Tips for Drying Your Home Following Flooring or Indoor Water Leaks

Equipment Supplies

Indoor water leaks are no fun, but they are a fact of life that most homeowners deal with at some point during their home ownership experience. In order to cast off smells of mildew, keep property damage to a minimum, and prevent the growth of potentially toxic mold, it is important to dry up the area affected by a water leak shortly after the leak has been detected. This can be done with the following equipment:

Air Scrubbers Important for the hygienic drying of water damaged areas, air scrubbers work to remove particles from the air while the wet floor in your home is drying. This can help minimize your exposure to harmful particles that may cause mold growth, as well as work to eliminate odors you may otherwise be stuck with. An air scrubber is the most high-tech piece of equipment you will need for your drying project.

Fans and Air Blowers Releasing high-pressure air, air blowers can speed up the drying process. Since the air coming out of this piece of equipment naturally focuses on one area, it is beneficial to accompany air blowers with fans, which can help circulate air throughout the entire affected area.

Dehumidifiers As you work to dry the affected area in your home with the tools mentioned above, a dehumidifier will assist in the drying process by sucking up extra moisture in the air. As moisture is necessary for house mold growth, setting up dehumidifiers in your home following a leak is an essential health-related precaution.

If you live in Northern California, A Tool Shed Equipment Rentals can quickly supply you with the high quality equipment you need to effectively dry your home. To find out more about our rental equipment services and six convenient locations, call (831) 359-4769.

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