Here's What You'll Need to Build a Treehouse

If your children love the outdoors, they'll be blown away when they see a finished treehouse in their very own backyard. The finished product has to be as safe, sturdy, and secure as possible, and you'll need the right tools and equipment to build the platform, walls, and roof of the house. Read ahead and see what you'll need to build a treehouse.

You're going to be working with a whole lot of wood when you make your treehouse, so tools like saws and drills will be a big part of your arsenal. You'll need the right drill bit to pre-drill holes for the coach screws. Before anything is permanently connected, use safety ropes to hang the planks in place. Even after the planks are screwed into place, don't put any weight on the platform until you've added support beams. Unless your tree is perfectly even, you'll cut your support beams at different lengths.

You could build your walls up on top of the existing platform, but it's usually easier to put them together on the ground. Then you can connect each finished wall and begin to piece the treehouse together. In this case you'll also need safety ropes to support the weight of each wall. Like the platform, walls will require beams and screws. In contrast to the floor of the treehouse, the walls require the use of a power drill.

Double check the platform and the walls of your treehouse before moving onto the roof. The construction of your roof depends on its design, and attention to detail is just as important. The angles might be a little bit different here, so use precision tools and ask for a second opinion while putting the roof together.

Do you have all the San Jose tool rentals you need to build a treehouse for your kids? The equipment experts at A Tool Shed can help you find what you need. Whatever kind of tools you need for your project, see what we can do by calling 1 (800) 286-6574.

Getting to Know Your Rented Pressure Washer

Equipment rental makes it easy to get your hands on tools you don't already own. Watch this video for advice on getting to know your rented pressure washer.

Always read the operator's manual when you rent a tool that you're unfamiliar with to get to know how the different parts work and how to control the equipment. Check the oil in your engine before starting it, as well as damaged parts like hoses, screens, or O-rings. Connect the extension wand and the spray gun and run your garden hose for a few seconds before you connect it to the pressure washer.

Know how to use your new tools before you acquire them. You can find the San Jose equipment rentals you need at one of A Tool Shed's seven locations. Call us at 1 (800) 286-6574 if you're in need of a pressure washer.

5 Tools to Rent to Complete Your New Year's Resolution [INFOGRAPHIC]

New Year's resolutions come in all shapes and sizes. If you're looking to complete some DIY projects around the house, you likely don't have all the equipment you need. Luckily you don't need to buy that expensive equipment that you might only use once. Check out these out these five tools to rent to complete your New Year's resolutions, which are all available at A Tool Shed.

Here's How to Get Started with A Tool Shed Rentals

Homeowners who enjoy DIY projects and professional handymen often encounter tasks that require expensive power tools and heavy equipment, and purchasing these items for one-time or occasional use isn't fiscally prudent. That's why A Tool Shed Rentals offers generous deals on renting tools, tractors, and forklifts. To get started today, all you'll need is a valid driver's license or ID card. If you're renting a vehicle, you'll need proof of valid insurance as well as a driver's license.

The deposit amount you'll prepay depends on the equipment rental you choose. A Tool Shed Rentals offers competitive hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly rates for your convenience. We even offer delivery and pickup services. Although it's not mandatory, we recommend paying for an equipment protection plan on your rental, which covers losses due to accidental damage.

Call A Tool Shed Rentals at 1 (800) 286-6574 if you have any questions about our policies for equipment rentals in San Jose. Our friendly and knowledgeable employees are always happy to assist DIYers and contractors.

DIY Concrete Countertops

Beautiful countertops are a centerpiece of a kitchen, but they're also expensive—unless you make them yourself. Watch this video to see how you can make your own finished concrete countertops. Gather together the tools you'll need before you start, such as a circular saw to cut the melamine for the concrete mold. Other rental tools you'll need include a palm sander.

The DIY expert featured here gives a step-by-step demonstration of building the melamine form, mixing the concrete, and spreading the concrete into the form with some rebar for added strength. After it dries completely, all you'll need to do is sand it thoroughly and apply six coats of concrete sealer.

Are you looking for used tools for sale in San Jose? Call A Tool Shed Rentals at 1 (800) 286-6574 or browse our inventory of rental equipment online.

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