DIY Concrete Countertops

Beautiful countertops are a centerpiece of a kitchen, but they're also expensive—unless you make them yourself. Watch this video to see how you can make your own finished concrete countertops. Gather together the tools you'll need before you start, such as a circular saw to cut the melamine for the concrete mold. Other rental tools you'll need include a palm sander.

The DIY expert featured here gives a step-by-step demonstration of building the melamine form, mixing the concrete, and spreading the concrete into the form with some rebar for added strength. After it dries completely, all you'll need to do is sand it thoroughly and apply six coats of concrete sealer.

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Don't Neglect These Preparatory Steps Before Installing a Hardwood Floor

Installing a hardwood floor is one of the most effective ways to boost a home's value and aesthetic beauty. Take your time choosing the species of wood, finish, and stain you want, as you'll want to be satisfied with your choices for years to come. When you've picked the right floor for your home, get started on the following preparatory steps, including assembling the tools you'll need:

Rent the right tools.

Installing a hardwood floor requires a few tools that the average homeowner probably doesn't own. Instead of buying new tools to complete one project, consider renting tools. In addition to your materials, you'll need the following:

  • Tape measure
  • Pry bar
  • Sander
  • Long level
  • Pneumatic nailer
  • Circular saw
  • Shop vacuum
  • Drill with driver bits
  • Putty knife

Don't neglect to use appropriate safety gear, such as safety glasses, work gloves, a dust mask, and knee pads.

Measure the space accurately.

Use a tape measure to determine the length and width of the room. Multiply these two numbers to get the square footage. Experts recommend adding 10% to this number when you purchase the hardwood, as this gives you some leeway in case of mistakes.

Remove the baseboard and doors.

If applicable, remove the doors in the room. Next, remove the baseboard. Insert a putty knife behind the quarter-round molding, and exert outward pressure to gently loosen the baseboard. Continue doing this down its length, and then use the pry bar to finish the job.

Prepare the subfloor.

After you've removed the existing flooring, you'll need to prepare the subfloor for the new hardwood installation. Sand away the old adhesives, oil, and sealers, and vacuum the debris. Use the long level to ensure the subfloor is even, and screw down any loose boards. Then, roll out the underlayment and moisture barrier. Before you install the new flooring, remember that hardwood needs at least 72 hours to acclimate to the humidity and temperature inside your home before being installed.

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Essential Tips for Using Hand Truck Rentals

Few things make a major move easier than proper preparation and planning. Using the right rental equipment, such as hand trucks, will allow you to move items both large and small without injuring your back. Plus, having a rented hand truck or two available will help you complete the move much more quickly than if you tried to lift everything by yourself. Use these essential tips to help you get the most out of your rental equipment.

Selecting a Hand Truck

It's wiser to rent a sturdy, high-quality hand truck than it is to purchase a cheap, poorly made one. Before making your selection, consider the terrain. If you'll be moving heavy items up and down stairs, look for an electric stair-climbing dolly. The extra expense will be worth it. If you're executing the move by yourself, then one hand truck is all you'll need. Rent a few if you'll have some helping hands.

Moving Boxes

Stack boxes on the hand truck in a straight, balanced column. Place the heaviest box on the bottom and the lightest on the top. Don't try to stack too many boxes at once—you'll need a clear line of sight over the top of the stack.

Moving Heavy Appliances

Before loading a washer or dryer onto a hand truck, secure wires, cords, and hoses. Use heavy-duty tape to adhere these accessories to the body of the appliance. Some movers recommend loading appliances onto hand trucks from the rear, so that the front of the appliance is facing outward. This position may offer better weight distribution.

Moving Furniture

Make your furniture as light as possible before moving it by removing drawers or partially disassembling the furniture. Although your rented hand truck will do most of the work for you, a light load is always easier to deal with. Wrap wooden furniture with moving pads to protect the finish from the metal parts of the hand truck. Items that are more horizontal than they are vertical, such as desks, should be tipped over and stood on end.

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Planning a Tent Wedding? Don't Forget to Rent a Generator!

Getting engaged can make it feel like everything is falling into place, but your big day will require some extensive planning. Whether you host your reception in a church, at a wedding venue, or in a tent in your own backyard, planning ahead is key. Find out what kind of rental equipment you'll need for your tent wedding by reading ahead.

When the couple has been declared married and the festivities are in full swing, the only thing the guests are thinking about is dancing the night away. If your wedding is taking place in a tent, you need a generator to make sure the night doesn't get cut short. A generator keeps your power on so the night can keep on rolling. The dance floor needs power for the strobe lights and DJ to operate, but what if you don't have one? Instead of outright purchasing a generator for one event, talk to your equipment rental company.

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How to Install a Kitchen Wall Cabinet

New kitchen cabinets might be all you need to totally revamp your design and bring a new sense of value to your home. If you're installing the cabinets yourself, you'll need the right tools. Watch this video on how to install a kitchen wall cabinet.

After checking your wall with a level, find the studs. Mark where the studs are and predrill your holes. Then, measure the distance from the nearest corner to the center of each hole, and transfer that measurement to your cabinet. Now drill corresponding holes in the back of the cabinet and lay screws in them. Holding the cabinet up with a jack, check the level and screw in your screws.

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