Should I Buy or Rent a Chainsaw?

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Chainsaws can be used for tree trimming, and to cut down large trees or stumps that are crowding your property. If you are preparing for a major landscaping project, you may be wondering whether you should buy a chainsaw, or simply rent one from a tool rental company. To determine whether buying a chainsaw will be worth your time and money, consider how often you can anticipate using the tool. If you will only be trimming or cutting trees once every year, you may be better off with a rental.

Whether you wish to rent or buy tools for your home, A Tool Shed will be able to assist you. Since 1945, we have proudly provided our satisfied customers with a variety of tools for rent in San Jose. If you are seeking rental tools that are in top quality condition, give us a call at (800) 286-6574.

Refinishing Your Hardwood Floor? Here's What You'll Need

Refinishing your hardwood floor is a great way to boost the value and appeal of your home. In this video from This Old House, you will learn about all the tools that are required for a hardwood floor refinishing project. To prepare your floors for refinishing, you will need to carefully vacuum and sand the surface. After your floors have been sanded, they will be ready to receive several coats of finish.

At A Tool Shed, our San Jose tool rental company will provide you with the equipment that is needed to refinish your hardwood floors. Whether you are seeking temporary equipment rentals, or you would like to purchase new tools for your home, our company will be able to assist you. Give us a call at (800) 286-6574 to hear more about our inventory of flooring equipment.

Using a Face Mask or Respirator

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When you are renting tools for a major home renovation project, you may want to consider including a face mask or respirator rental in your assortment of items. During a renovation, significant amounts of dust, fumes, and other particles can be released into the surrounding air. Rather than breathing in these harmful materials, you can protect yourself by wearing a face mask or respirator at all times. To make sure that you are fully protected, it is important to check whether your face mask or respirator is securely attached to your nose and mouth.

From face masks to demolition tools and more, A Tool Shed Rentals has all the tools and equipment that you will need for your renovation project. We offer quality tools for rent in San Jose, and our team will be happy to answer any questions that you might have about our equipment rentals. For additional information about our inventory, contact us by calling (800) 286-6574.

When, Why, and How to Use a Lawn Roller

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The condition of your lawn will have a major impact on the overall beauty of your property. If your lawn has started to appear lumpy or uneven, it may be time to rent a lawn roller from a company in your local area. Using a lawn roller, you can achieve the smooth and even lawn of your dreams. Read on for an overview of when, why, and how to use this type of tool on your property.

When to Use a Lawn Roller
A lawn roller is equipped with a large, rotating drum, which is used to flatten the surface of your turf. The best time to use this device is after you have initially planted fresh sod. Using this equipment on your new grass will help it to grow smoothly, right from the start. You can also repair a mature lawn by using a lawn roller right after you have watered your grass.

Reasons to Use a Lawn Roller
There are a few different reasons to use a lawn roller on your grass. Many homeowners rely on these tools to help push new sod down into the soil. The pressure of the roller will encourage the grass to grow more evenly. Your lawn roller can also be used to flatten out uneven sections around your yard.

How to Use a Lawn Roller
Using a lawn roller is similar to the procedure that is involved with using a push mower or other lawn tool. To use this tool, you will simply stand behind the rotating drum and use the handles to push the device forward. As you walk along your turf, you should follow an even pattern to create a lawn that is as smooth as possible.

At A Tool Shed Rentals, we are pleased to offer quality yard tools for rent in San Jose. Whether you are seeking equipment rentals or brand new tools, we can help you find the right equipment for your yard maintenance project. Call us at (800) 286-6574 to reserve one of our lawn rollers today.

Don't Dig Up That Old Tree Stump-Grind It Instead!

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If an old tree stump is taking up space on your property, you may be tempted to try and dig it out from its roots. However, digging up a tree stump can consume excessive time and energy. With a stump grinder from a company that offers equipment rental, you will be able to safely and efficiently get rid of a tree stump in your yard. Here is a look at the steps of grinding and removing an old tree stump:

Rent the Proper Equipment
In order to grind a tree stump effectively, you will need to rent the correct equipment. A tree stump grinder is equipped with special saw blades and other tools that will allow you to safely and quickly grind away at your old tree stump. An equipment rental center can help you choose the right tree stump grinder for your project.

Grind Below Grade
After you have rented your grinder, you will be ready to start the process of removing the tree stump. Using careful, back-and-forth motions, you can start to grind the stump down to its base. To achieve an effective stump removal, it is typically necessary to grind until you have reached a depth of several inches below the grade of your soil.

Fill the Hole with Topsoil
After your stump has been ground down, you will be left with a fairly large hole in your landscaping. To eliminate the hole, fill it with rich topsoil. If your tree stump was located in the middle of your lawn, you can also patch the space with a new piece of sod.

When you need tree stump equipment rental, contact A Tool Shed Rentals. Our company offers quality equipment rentals, and we also provide quality Barreto sales in San Jose. To learn more about the equipment that we can offer for your stump removal project or other home improvement project, give us a call at (800) 286-6574.

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